Fun With Resolutions

First, a comment for those Republican senators who are going to try to block the results  of the electoral college vote. That’s a ill-conceived idea. An embarrassment to this country. A total waste of government time. The election is over. Accept that and let’s move on. Please!!! Okay. Just had to get that off my …

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Voting, a Giveaway, and a Lizard

First, I want to encourage everyone to register to vote, if you have not done so already. You can easily register, or check your registration, at VoteSaveAmerica, where information is available for all states in the country. If you want to be politically active between now and election day, November 3, there are volunteer opportunities …

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#FridayReads Excerpt from Desperate Season

First a note to all of the politicians who have been politicizing the current pandemic, and the horrible effects of climate change that we can see in the fires that are consuming vast swaths of the West Coast, as well as the hurricanes that are starting to smash into gulf states. I am so tired …

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