Monday Smiles and Book Excerpt

The following thoughts about smiles was taken from a devotional that a friend sent to me recently. In light of the challenges so many of us face with health issues, social concerns, and surviving horrible weather, I thought it would be good to stop and think about the power of a smile. “Smiles are contagious. …

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#FridayFun: Excerpt from A Dead Tomato Plant and a Paycheck

What fun it is to end another week being sick. NOT! But before getting into that and the promised excerpt, here’s a cute meme a friend sent me. I’ve always appreciated my friends who don’t look at the dust-bunnies. The one who sent the meme is one of those friends. Tuesday night I started having …

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Celebrations and Summer Colds

First off I want to wish all my friends in the U.S. a happy and safe holiday weekend. I hope whatever plans you have include good times with family and friends. As most of you loyal readers know, today is my birthday. However, I’ll be celebrating rather low-key as a nasty summer cold was one …

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Memories, Juneteenth, and Some #humor

When I saw this meme a friend sent me this morning, I cracked up. Seeing the garage packed like that reminded me of the garage my father had when I was a kid. The garage had been built as a three car garage, with one third of the space dedicated to woodworking tools and equipment. …

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Monday Musings

So, the best laid plans and all that. My Sunday was supposed to go like this: A quick trip to the grocery store early enough in the morning to avoid lots of shoppers, then home to do just a little bit of cleaning, then work all afternoon on the quilt I’m making. Well, it’s now …

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Writer’s Woes

For as long as Slim Randles has shared Dud’s struggles with writing his novel, I’ve chuckled and commiserated. Chuckled because Dud goes to some extremes in his thinking, and commiserated because I feel his pain. Plotting a story isn’t easy. Grab a cup of coffee and help me welcome Slim and Dud as today’s Wednesday’s …

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