Dare To, Well, Dare

Since yours truly is currently incapacitated – no, not what you’re thinking – although I wish I were just in the shower. I’m having surgery and leaving you in the good hands of my friend, Slim Randles. Also leaving you with incomplete sentences, but maybe you will find them entertaining. Not as entertaining as Slim …

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A Special Moment for Windy

I wrote the following post Tuesday early afternoon before hearing about the shooting at the school in Uvalde. My posts are often written the day before they go live, often to give myself a chance to edit or change entirely. I’m not going to change this one. We do need a moment to focus on …

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Friday Fun

So, members of the U.S. Senate can’t agree on things really important to the country; like the economy, the future of COVID responses, or what to do to help the people of Ukraine, but they can pass a bi-partisan “Sunshine Protection Act.”  Like the sun really needs protection. Last time I checked it seemed to …

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