One Perfect Love

Love can be better the second time around, and if you wait long enough the perfect partner will come along.

That is the premise of One Perfect Love, the sequel to One Small Victory. Both books have been updated, rewritten, and submitted to Next Chapter Publishing for re-release. One Perfect Love is now available HERE for all versions of the e-book and paperback.

Books can also be ordered in paperback, hardback, and large print through the Ingram catalogue with the following ISBN numbers. If you’d like your local library to carry the book, they can order it for their collection.

9784867500767 (5.5×8.5 Hardcover) ** 9784867500774 (5.5×8.5 Paperback) ** 9784867500781(4.37×7 Mass Market Paperback) ** 9784867500798 (6.14×9.21 Large Print Hardcover) ** 9784867500804 (6.14×9.21 Large Print Paperback)

I wrote this novella in response to readers’ messages asking what happens to Jenny and Steve after One Small Victory.  I thought it would be fun to write a sequel that answers that question.

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