Early in my career, I tried to adhere to the advice to write in one genre to build a fan base, which was meant to help writers sell more books. Alas. I couldn’t do it. I write all over the place. Well, not literally. I write mostly at my computer, but I don’t stick to genre, which results in an eclectic collection of novels and books. Within that collection is something for every reading taste from mystery, to romance, to young adult, short stories, and nonfiction. The choice is up to you.

My books are available at most online retail sites as e-books and in hardcover or paperback. Some of the titles can be found at, and buying from them helps support indie bookstores. Paperbacks of a few of my books can also be found at Walmart.

If you’d rather have Kindle copies of my books, you can find them all on my Amazon Author Page — For other outlets such as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Smashwords, and more, check out the availability of some of my books at Draft2Digital.

Links to titles with Next Chapter Publishing can be found on my author page on their website.

You can also click on a fiction title in the list below for direct links to the books on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and more. Not all of the nonfiction books are available on multiple sites, but I’m working on making that happen.

If you would like an autographed copy of any of my books, personalized for you or someone to whom you are gifting a copy, just contact me with a request sent to



The Seasons Series

Open Season

Stalking Season

Desperate Season

Stand Alone Mysteries


Boxes For Beds

One Small Victory

Women’s Novels

Evelyn Evolving

One Perfect Love

Play It Again, Sam

Short Stories & Anthologies

Beyond the Crack in the Sidewalk

The Wisdom of Ages

The Killer Wore Cranberry Volume Five

Making it Home


The Gift

The Last Dollar

Escaping Raul

The Visitor


The Many Faces of Grief: Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope

A Dead Tomato Plant & a Paycheck

Homilies From the Heart

Images of America: Winnsboro

Reflections of Winnsboro

Coping With Weapons & Violence In School & On Your Streets

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