Short Stories

The Gift

Ralph has been like a grizzly bear in a dark cave for too long, and Stacey gets a wild idea to buy him a puppy for Christmas. Maybe that will make him smile. But that plan gets detoured when she meets a homeless man who has much more to be depressed about than Ralph.

“The Gift” is a story to warm your heart at the holiday season, or any day of the year. It comes from the author who won the Page Edwards Short Story Award for “Maybe Someday,” one of the stories in her collection THE WISDOM OF AGES, which is also available on Amazon.



The Last Dollar

TheLastDollar- 200 by 300

A feel-good story about the magic of Christmas that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Available for all electronic reading devices from Untreed Reads.

“A sweet and heartwarming short story.”

“It’s a great Christmas story to remind us what it’s all about.



Escaping Raul

The dark streets of Dallas. A young girl alone, sucked into the sex trade and controlled by a vicious man. Tracy is desperate to escape,but she never anticipates the price she will have to pay.

A short story from the award-winning author of the critically-acclaimed Seasons Mystery Series. First published in Suspense Magazine and the inspiration for Stalking Season, the second book in the Seasons Series.




SAHM cover

Technology may be on the verge of having sophisticated home computers that can run an entire household, but have the scientists taken into consideration the human factor? When SAHM, a Sensor Activated Home Manager, is field tested at the O’Neal home, he’s up against the biggest challenge a computer has ever faced; one Shanna O’Neal.


“SAHM I Am is a fun look at our possible future.” Yolanda

“Light as a soufflé and goes down just as easily. Every woman who’s been told — by her loving DH, maybe? lol — how she could run her house better, faster, more efficiently, will identify. I know I did. Just kick back and enjoy!” Ruth



Making it Home

Making it home cover

Change is always hard, but especially so for a young girl who loses her parents and has to “make a new home.” Nancy loved the farm and everything about it and knows she will hate living in the city. Or will she?


“Making it Home is a sweet tale of growth and love” Yolanda



The Visitor

The Visitor-cover

A retelling of the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears in modern day. A camping trip becomes most interesting when a stranger shows up and the Cantrell family has to find out who has been sneaking into their cabin.


“What a wonderful retake on Goldilocks!!” Josie

“This was a wonderful short story that will leave you wondering, what would I do?” S. Wenger

“A lesson in compassion.” Lillian



My short story, “No Starch in the Turkey, Please,” was accepted for an anthology of fun, mystery short stories. The good people at Untreed Reads have published four editions of The Killer Wore Cranberry anthologies, each with new stories, and was thrilled to be included in the fifth edition. It is available for purchase at Untreed Reads or DriveThruFiction or at Amazon.


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