monday morning musings

Into the Woods

Slim Randles is making a visit to the blog today with a nice story about hunting. My interest in hunting tends to follow that of Jasper in this story. It’s not that I have anything against hunting, and have even done some in my past, but that was more for the pleasure of being outdoors …

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Monday Fun and Inspiration

It’s becoming a habit to read a quote from Inspiring Quotes and have it trigger thoughts to share on the blog. I may decide this is a good weekly feature. Let me know what you think of it and whether you’d like to see content like this every week. First, a little Monday Fun from …

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Monday Smiles and Book Excerpt

The following thoughts about smiles was taken from a devotional that a friend sent to me recently. In light of the challenges so many of us face with health issues, social concerns, and surviving horrible weather, I thought it would be good to stop and think about the power of a smile. “Smiles are contagious. …

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