#FridayReads Excerpt from Desperate Season

First a note to all of the politicians who have been politicizing the current pandemic, and the horrible effects of climate change that we can see in the fires that are consuming vast swaths of the West Coast, as well as the hurricanes that are starting to smash into gulf states.

I am so tired of all of the maneuverings, the lies, the posturing, the stalemates, and the unwillingness to compromise.

Everyone in Washington, from the very top to the lowest rung on that governmental ladder, needs to get off their ass and do the work that they were sent to Washington for.

I don’t care what political party you belong to, and I don’t care what position you have. You are all letting the American people down.

Whew! I feel so much better for getting that off my chest. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, here’s the excerpt I promised. This picks up from the last one I posted back in July.

Back in the squad room, Angel went to her own desk and Sarah noticed a blue folder on top of hers. She slipped out of her blazer, hung it on the back of her chair and sat down, opening the folder to find a forensic report. Leafing through the pages, Sarah noted that yesterday’s crime scene had yielded lots of items. It was a public park after all, and Sarah wondered if any of the scraps of paper, cigarette butts, or fragments of fibers were going to mean anything to their case.

No shell casing had been found at the scene, which possibly meant the shooter cleaned up his brass, but a small bag that had contained dope was found close to where the victim had fallen. Some of that cheese that had been showing up for months all around the city and in the suburbs. It had become the drug of choice for young teens. “Hey, Angel.” Sarah waited a moment for her partner to look up. “CSI tech found a Baggie at the park. It had remnants of cheese in the corners.”

“For eating or sniffing?”

Sarah chuckled. “The dope. What if the girl was there to score and something went wrong?” After a beat, she added, “Or what if the dealer approached her, but she refused? Made him mad?”

“Possibly.” Angel paused for a moment. “But the way she was shot? That’s not a typical MO for dealers. They don’t usually use such precision when taking someone out.”

“True. But that scenario fits better than one that has some kind of hit man killing a girl that young.”

“Hit man? Where did that come from?”

“I’m not saying it was a hit. I’m just thinking out loud. Because of the close range of the shot.”

“I seem to recall some detective telling me how we work on facts, not scenarios.”

Angel smiled and Sarah couldn’t help but smile back. These brief moments of camaraderie always felt so good. Too bad it just took one moment of friction to wipe the smiles away.

Sarah sighed and turned her attention back to the report. She was much better off trying to solve a murder than fix the problems between her and Angel. After another half hour, she stood and stretched, then walked around to Angel’s desk. “You ready for lunch?”

Angel slapped a file closed. “Sure. You find anything else?”

Sarah walked back to her chair and grabbed her blazer. “Nothing that helped. Let’s see if we can prod a lead out of Santos after we eat.”

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That’s all from me for today, folks. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend and you are not in harm’s way from the fires, the storms, and the pandemic. Tough times for so many. Be safe. Be well. Be happy.

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