America In Chaos

America Weeps


There’s a hashtag on Twitter that is gaining momentum, #countrybeforeparty, and I hope it continues. The behavior of our current president, as well as the horrible assault on the Capitol Building on January 6th, is a sad indicator of just how low some people will sink to wield their power. It also illustrates just how wide the divide between parties and people has become. That divide dictates and encourages behaviors and thinking that continues to push us apart when we should be coming together as people of one nation.

Thursday morning when I heard the news on The Daily Podcast of the breach of the Capital Building, I cried. Literally. The first time I’ve cried that hard since my husband died.

I felt like our country was dying.

Maybe it is.

We don’t know what hovers at the edge of sanity with these people who think it is their right to wreak such violence against the very institutions of our government.

These are truly scary and uncertain times. We don’t know how deep-seated the Trump loyalty is with these radical people who have swallowed his Kool-Aid. To be clear, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a cult on a national scale. Trump is the epitome of a cult leader. He fits so many of the criteria that I found while researching the book, Coping With Cults, that I wrote about destructive cults for the Rosen Publishing Group, including:

  • narcissistic thinking and behavior
  • a messiah complex
  • no tolerance for questions or criticism
  • a charismatic leader who becomes an object of worship
  • belief that he is above the law
A cult leader believes only in his or her own absolute power, which is something we’ve seen so much of in the past four years from Trump.



In an article in the Wall Street Journal that ran late Thursday online, journalist Gerald. F. Sieb offered this ray of hope.:
On the other hand, it’s possible that the sheer horror that most Americans felt, and that most Republicans expressed, at the scenes of mayhem will cause everyone to take a step back from divisive political behavior and look harder for common ground. It’s surely an exaggeration to say the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol did Mr. Biden a favor, but they lent some new urgency to his calls to back away from the bitter politics of the last few years.


I certainly hope so.


While I have not always agreed with Mitch McConnell I must say that his leadership that fateful Wednesday afternoon was worth all the praise that it garnered. Even before the violence broke out, he took a stand in asking the members of Congress to stop the efforts to block the counting of the electoral votes. And he called upon president Trump to accept the results.


That is what true leadership is all about.


Shame on the senators who voted against certifying the votes of the Electoral College:
  • Sen. Ted Cruz
  • Sen. Josh Hawley
  • Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith
  • Sen. Roger Marshall
  • Sen. John Kennedy
  • Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Before signing off, I do want to say that it was my fervent hope that 2021 would be a year in which I wouldn’t find things to rant about on the blog. I was planning a whole different approach to content, but, well, shit happens and I can’t hold back the thoughts and opinions that swirl around my head.

Before what happened Wednesday, I was going to post a blog with fun facts about cats, but in all honesty, I have no heart for fun or jokes as I type this post on a late Thursday evening in preparation for posting Friday morning.

I do hope you are in a better frame of mind, and if you’d like to weigh in on this topic, please do. I only ask that you keep comments civil and polite.

Stay safe. Stay well.

2 thoughts on “America In Chaos”

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful blog. I’m still trying to process what has happened, and your words lend perspective.

    1. I’m glad you found the blogpost helpful, Rosemary. It’s taking time for me to process it all, too. I keep asking myself who gave people permission to do things like that. Then I heard about the MAGA folks meeting Lindsay Graham at the airport and harassing him for being a traitor for not siding with Trump in his efforts to overturn the election. Since when is one a traitor for following the law? It is all so horrible, I still cry when I think about it.

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