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I started writing with a pen and paper those many moons ago before computers, but I rarely used a pen as fine as this one. Common writing utensils consisted of stubs of pencils my kids left scattered around the house or ball-point pens with an ad for A-One Plumbing emblazoned on them. Still, I wrote, and continue to write. If we writers were in it solely for the money, most of us would be losers. I am not a loser. It’s that heart-to-heart connection we make with people who read our words that is success.

I am a success.


Some sales on my books are coming up this month that I want to let folks know about.

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the free offer for my latest nonfiction book, The Many Faces of Grief: Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope From a Hospital Chaplain that ended on April 21. And many thanks to the people who read it and took the time to leave a review or rating. Even though it’s not free for all readers anymore, it is free for KU so you can still check out my memoir of ministry that has stories from the 30+ years I worked in hospital ministry, first as a volunteer, then as a certified chaplain.

Following that, my publisher is offering One Perfect Love as a free read for Kindle and Kindle apps, worldwide from April 23 through the 27th. This book is a sequel to One Small Victory, and the publisher is putting that one up as a free read from May 1 through the 5th. If you’ve not yet read this story of Jenny Jasik, a mother who had the courage to face down a major drug supplier in her small Texas town, now is your chance to get both books FREE.

On May 1st, I’ll be in Winnsboro, TX with a slew of other authors for the Winnsboro Festival of Books. There will be book signings, panels, and lots of entertainment for families. Come on out for the fun and get a book or two. I’ll be signing some of my own books, as well as the history books I’ve written with the Winnsboro Historian, Bill Jones, who is always happy to share a story or two about this small East Texas town we both love.

I was so thrilled to get this note from a reader:

“I have read thousands of books in the past and thought that your books were as good and even better than any other that I have read.”

What a terrific endorsement.

Happy readers make happy writers.

Thanks for visiting and please do come back again!

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