Hello, and welcome to my website. Feel free to scout around the site where you can read my BLOG , as well as find more information about me, my services and my BOOKS. For those needing editorial help with a manuscript, you can find my rates by clicking on  EDITORIAL SERVICES.

I love to support other authors on my blog with reviews and guest posts. Those reviews cover fiction and nonfiction, and authors can find details here at REVIEW GUIDELINES.

I started writing with a pen and paper those many moons ago before computers, but I rarely used a pen as fine as this one. Common writing utensils consisted of stubs of pencils my kids left scattered around the house or ball-point pens with an ad for A-One Plumbing emblazoned on them. Still, I wrote, and continue to write. If we writers were in it solely for the money, most of us would be losers. I am not a loser. It’s that heart-to-heart connection we make with people who read our words that is success.

I am a success.



Check out the writing classes being offered this fall at Story Circle Network. There’s quite a variety to choose from, and I’m teaching a class on screenwriting, with a focus on how writing a film or television script is beneficial for other forms of story telling. My six-week class starts September 27 and runs thru November 8. Fee is $200 for members of Story Circle Network and $240 for non members. SCN is a great organization and you might want to consider joining for discounts on all the classes, plus a lot of other benefits.


My short story collection, Beyond the Crack in the Sidewalk, is now available from Amazon worldwide as an e-book and paperback.

Now, the book has just been released in Spanish. CLICK HERE for the Spanish editions for Kindle and in paperback. NOTE: the Spanish edition will be offered at only .99 for Kindle from October 15 through the 19th. If you know someone who’d like the stories in Spanish, let them know about the special sale from Next Chapter Publishing.


The annual Holly Lake Craft Sale will be held October 16 from 9 until 3:30. I’m looking forward to being there again this year since we missed last fall due to COVID. Hopefully, we won’t have to cancel this year. Not only is this a good event at which to meet nice folks and sign a few books for happy readers, it’s a wonderful place to do some Holiday shopping. The many venders there have such a delightful variety of hand-made, and unique, items for sale, and I always finish my gifting there. HOLLY BROOK BAPTIST CHURCH 3219 S FM 2869 HAWKINS TX

Books4Readers (B4R) bookstore is offering a subscription service where readers can get a box of books in whatever genre they choose, once a month. This is similar to companies that sell beauty products or novelty items to subscribers for a low monthly fee, and there’s always an element of delightful surprise when the box arrives every four weeks. Sort of like having a birthday every month where you get a present. I’m happy to be a part of the program as an author, and if you subscribe to the B4R program, one of my books could be in the box you receive next month.


What author wouldn’t be thrilled to get this note from a reader?

“I have read thousands of books in the past and thought that your books were as good and even better than any other that I have read.”

What a terrific endorsement.

Happy readers make happy writers.

Thanks for visiting and please do come back again!

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