Graphic showing covers of the Seasons Mystery Books: Open Season, Stalking Season, Desperate Season, and Brutal Season. Dallas police badge. Wordage: Writing Books Celebrating Strong Women.

Hello, and welcome to my website. By scouting around the site, you can read my BLOG , as well as find more information about me, my services, and my BOOKS. For those needing editorial help with a manuscript, you can find my rates, as well as experience and references, by clicking on  EDITORIAL SERVICES.

I love to support other authors on my blog with reviews and guest posts. Those reviews cover fiction and nonfiction, and authors can find details at REVIEW GUIDELINES.

I started writing with a pen and paper those many moons ago before computers, but I rarely used a pen as fine as the one below. Common writing utensils consisted of stubs of pencils my kids left scattered around the house, or ball-point pens with an ad for A-One Plumbing emblazoned on them. Still, I wrote, and continue to write. If we writers were in it solely for the money, most of us would be considered losers.

Success is that heart-to-heart connection we make with people who read our words.
Old-fashioned fountain pen.


News From Next Chapter Publishing

In an effort to expand marketing, Next Chapter has been listing their authors’ books at If you’re not familiar with Book Shop, it’s an online retail site that supports local independent bookstores. So buying a book from the online site, helps those small mom-and-pop stores stay open. I’ve made a number of purchases at Book Shop and hope you do, too.

My author page at BookShop
Evelyn Evolving paperback available at Walmart.
E-Book in English at BookBeat ** Italian
Audiobook Sample at YouTube

Cover for Evelyn Evolving by Maryann Miller. Two young girls wearing dresses from the early 30s walking away carrying old suitcases.

The publishing company has created a merchandising arm, offering mugs, totes, playing cards, notebooks, and more, all specific to a single book title. Click here to see all the merchandise with artwork from Evelyn Evolving, Beyond The Crack in the Sidewalk, and my other books. If I had more wall space in my home I’d get a poster of Beyond the Crack in The Sidewalk. I loved the art work the minute I saw the first draft of the cover.

Now there’s a teddy bear with a shirt featuring the cover of Beyond the Crack in the Sidewalk.

I’m a real sucker for a soft, huggable teddy bear and this one is going on my wish list.

The paperback of Beyond the Crack in the Sidewalk available at Walmart
Sample and buy the Spanish edition also Spanish edition at BookBeat
EBook in English at BookBeat ** French ** Italian **
Audiobook Sample at YouTube

Cover image for the book, Beyond the Crack in the Sidewalk. Cracked concrete has flowers growing out of the  cracks.


*** What author wouldn’t be thrilled to get this note from a reader? ***

“I have read thousands of books in the past and thought that your books were as good and even better than any other that I have read.”

What a terrific endorsement!
Happy readers make happy writers.

Thanks for visiting and please do come back again.

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