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I love to support other authors on my blog with reviews and guest posts. Those reviews cover fiction and nonfiction, and authors can find details here at REVIEW GUIDELINES.

I started writing with a pen and paper those many moons ago before computers, but I rarely used a pen as fine as the one below. Common writing utensils consisted of stubs of pencils my kids left scattered around the house, or ball-point pens with an ad for A-One Plumbing emblazoned on them. Still, I wrote, and continue to write. If we writers were in it solely for the money, most of us would be losers. I am not a loser. It’s that heart-to-heart connection we make with people who read our words that is success.



Next Chapter Publishing that released several of my books has created a merchandising arm of the company, offering mugs, totes, playing cards, notebooks, and more, all specific to a single book title. Click here to see all the merchandise with artwork from Evelyn Evolving, Beyond The Crack in the Sidewalk, and more. If I had more wall space in my home I’d get a poster of Beyond the Crack in The Sidewalk. I loved the art work the minute I saw the first draft of the cover.


Recently I connected on Twitter with John, an avid reader who is part of a bookish group in St. Louis that supports authors, buying books and donating them to the St. Louis library. He bought a paperback copy of Stalking Season, and I sent him a signed bookplate. In return, he showed me a picture that he’d taken of what I’d sent and gave permission for me to share it here.

What I said to John in the note is that readers like him are what keeps authors writing, and I treasure his support as well as all the others I receive.



What author wouldn’t be thrilled to get this note from a reader?

“I have read thousands of books in the past and thought that your books were as good and even better than any other that I have read.”

What a terrific endorsement.
Happy readers make happy writers.

Thanks for visiting and please do come back again!

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