Friday’s Odds and Ends

#FridayReads – Book Excerpt and Giveaway

It seems like I can’t get too far from one calamity, then I’m on to the next. It’s been that way most of my life. I can remember my stepmother saying that I was so accident prone, just like one of my brother-in-laws, and she was always waiting to see who was going to need …

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Friday Fun and More

First off, I’m so excited about taking first place in the photography entries in the Sherman Art League annual show. When I dropped my entries early on Thursday and saw the other photographs already entered, I’d pretty much decided that my humble offerings wouldn’t garner more than a passing glance from the judge. In fact, …

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Friday’s Odds and Ends

C.S. Lewis was a great philosopher and writer, often quoted with good reason. He had a good mind and a way with words that are inspiring and sometimes a challenge to a current way we may be thinking. His essays on religion were often part of academic scholarship, and sometimes controversial. The following words of …

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Playing Games in Politics

Just stop making everything in a political campaign about winning and gaining power, while ignoring the benefit of having people in Congress who have integrity, strength of character, something resembling a moral compass, and a willingness to work with others in government to get things done in Washington. After listening to the Daily Podcast on …

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Memorial Day and a Friday Read

Once again, Memorial Day Weekend sort of crept up on me while I wasn’t looking. In recent years, the holiday hasn’t meant to me what it used to. When I was a kid, Memorial Day was a big deal. It would be met with a parade, then picnics at a park – or perhaps a …

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Friday Fun

So, members of the U.S. Senate can’t agree on things really important to the country; like the economy, the future of COVID responses, or what to do to help the people of Ukraine, but they can pass a bi-partisan “Sunshine Protection Act.”  Like the sun really needs protection. Last time I checked it seemed to …

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