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Because the world may expect, even demand perfection, we can be hard on ourselves, expecting only perfection. Guess what? We are human, we are not perfect, we will fail. And when we do, it is alright to get up and try again. Just because we fail does not mean we are a failure. Every mistake …

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No Black Friday Shopping for Me

This essay was written in 2010, and sadly it is still relevant. As anyone in retail can attest to, the day after Thanksgiving is like a zoo that has had all the cages opened. I remember a time when shopping the day after Thanksgiving was fun. A lot of people were doing the same thing, …

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Who’s Running the GOP?

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks – or maybe longer. Timing will depend on how quickly I recover from surgery on my cervical spine. There are several serious issues that need repair, and they’ll be taken care of on Monday. When thinking about what topics to have on my blog …

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Wonderful Memories

Labor Day weekend is always the start of a melancholy time of the year for me. It used to be more exciting and exhilarating as I always looked forward to a break from the summer’s heat and the glorious colors of Autumn touching the trees with spatters of yellow, red, and orange. This weekend was …

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How Hot is Too Hot?

Been another rough week for me pain-wise, so I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I’d planned. But, hey, we do what we can, right? I learned a long time ago that if self-imposed deadlines aren’t met, well… You know the rest. Work on the novella that will be the third book in the One …

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A Writing Lesson and Book Bargains

Lately, I’ve been visiting a number of blogs that focus on writing, whether that be craft or business. The latter being the most challenging as we try to keep up with the changes in publishing and marketing.  On craft, however, there hasn’t been a lot changes through the years. Which is a good thing for …

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Book Tour and Giveaway

AND THEY DANCED The Tess Corona Chronicles, Book 1byTiffany Seitz Paranormal Suspense / Urban FantasyPublisher: The Wild Rose PressDate of Publication: March 6, 2023352 pages  *** Scroll down for Giveaway! *** Tess Corona left home thanks to a traumatic experience with the paranormal and has only recently returned home from a secretive military career. Her …

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The Toll of Government Bureaucracy And More

My plan was to do a really thoughtful blog post inspired by a podcast I’ve been listening to on the Ezra Klein show. This past Tuesday, he had a conversation with Jennifer Pahlka about why the U.S. government has such a hard time providing services. What was most striking about what she had to say …

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#FridayReads and Writing Advice

A week ago I went to the library to get my library card renewed, and of course I couldn’t leave without a book. I wandered through the young adult and children’s section because I really enjoy those stories, and I saw a young adult novel titled Like Nothing Amazing Ever Happened by Emily Blejwas. It …

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