Friday’s Odds and Ends

#FridayReads – Book Preview – The Life of Plants in a Changing Environment

Recently I received a request for a review or spotlight feature for this book. I read the sample pages on Amazon and decided that the academic style of the writing was too much for me to enjoy reading. Still, it is a good book, especially for people of a more scientific bent, and certainly for …

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#Fridayreads – Commentary and Humor

Something to make us smile before the heavy stuff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remembering January 6th. This from NBC News in Washington “Two years after the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, faith leaders, lawmakers and those who defended the U.S. Capitol will gather in Washington, D.C., to reflect on events that are still reverberating through the country’s political and judicial …

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Countdown to the Holidays

When the calendar turns from November 30 to December 1, there’s always a quickening in my heart as I look forward to the holiday season. The gathering with family and friends. The good meals. The cookies. More cookies. Presents. I love giving them as much as receiving them. As Kate, the main character in my …

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Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Day after Thanksgiving and Black Friday and all that. Lots of folks have been out and about, shopping for the great bargains, and better them than me. I’ve been happy to be home, reading a good book and eating yummy leftovers from our feast yesterday. I’ve been reading No Strangers Here by Carlene O’Connor, …

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#FridayReads – Book Excerpt

It seems like I can’t get too far from one calamity, then I’m on to the next. It’s been that way most of my life. I can remember my stepmother saying that I was so accident prone, just like one of my brother-in-laws, and she was always waiting to see who was going to need …

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Friday Fun and More

First off, I’m so excited about taking first place in the photography entries in the Sherman Art League annual show. When I dropped my entries early on Thursday and saw the other photographs already entered, I’d pretty much decided that my humble offerings wouldn’t garner more than a passing glance from the judge. In fact, …

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Friday’s Odds and Ends

C.S. Lewis was a great philosopher and writer, often quoted with good reason. He had a good mind and a way with words that are inspiring and sometimes a challenge to a current way we may be thinking. His essays on religion were often part of academic scholarship, and sometimes controversial. The following words of …

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Playing Games in Politics

Just stop making everything in a political campaign about winning and gaining power, while ignoring the benefit of having people in Congress who have integrity, strength of character, something resembling a moral compass, and a willingness to work with others in government to get things done in Washington. After listening to the Daily Podcast on …

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