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Because the world may expect, even demand perfection, we can be hard on ourselves, expecting only perfection. Guess what? We are human, we are not perfect, we will fail. And when we do, it is alright to get up and try again. Just because we fail does not mean we are a failure. Every mistake …

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No Black Friday Shopping for Me

This essay was written in 2010, and sadly it is still relevant. As anyone in retail can attest to, the day after Thanksgiving is like a zoo that has had all the cages opened. I remember a time when shopping the day after Thanksgiving was fun. A lot of people were doing the same thing, …

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Excerpt from Rip the Sky by Mark Packard

RIP THE SKY byMark PackardSpeculative Fiction / Fantasy / Science FictionPublisher: Bluestreak PublishingPage Count: 317 pagesPublication Date: August 21, 2023 Scroll down for a giveaway! After a shocking courtroom tragedy, a disturbed Vietnam veteran and the vindictive judge who sent him to prison become an unlikely pair of time travelers in a chaotic multiverse. The …

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News: The Bad and The Good

First off a few words about the shooting in Jacksonville FL over the weekend that took the lives of three Black people. A White supremacist carried weapons into a Dollar General and shot the people for no other reason than the color of their skin. The shooter, who I will not name so I don’t …

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Interesting News

While most of social media is all abuzz about the indictment of 45 and his appearance in court yesterday, I decided to share some news that is surprising and most interesting and refrain from any commentary on the other news. Don’t be shocked. There are times my restraint actually works. 🙂 The following report is …

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The Toll of Government Bureaucracy And More

My plan was to do a really thoughtful blog post inspired by a podcast I’ve been listening to on the Ezra Klein show. This past Tuesday, he had a conversation with Jennifer Pahlka about why the U.S. government has such a hard time providing services. What was most striking about what she had to say …

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