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Friday Fun and More

First off, I’m so excited about taking first place in the photography entries in the Sherman Art League annual show. When I dropped my entries early on Thursday and saw the other photographs already entered, I’d pretty much decided that my humble offerings wouldn’t garner more than a passing glance from the judge. In fact, …

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The Blessings of Friendships

What would we do without our friends? Next to family members who’ve been so good to me during my lifetime, I’ve treasured my friends the most. Ones I’ve known for a ages and used to see in person a lot many moons ago – before my move and COVID and all the aches and pains …

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Despicable: To Be or Not to Be

It’s true. I really am turning into the same kind of curmudgeon as my grandfather who used to throw his slippers at the TV or radio when there was some news item that stirred his ire, as well as a few chosen words. That’s the way I’ve felt too often in the last few years …

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When Hot is Too Hot

This is a perfect offering from Slim Randles to share on the blog today. It’s roasting here in Texas and has been for several weeks. No rain for several weeks, either, with none in sight. And of course there is no global warming. Sigh… Anyway, it’s too hot to rant about anything, even though the …

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July Fourth Celebrations Begin

Since I’m still in recovery mode from my shoulder surgery and some complications that popped up – literally as in swollen feet and legs – I’m pulling a post from July 2015. My friend Slim Randles wrote about what the Fourth of July holiday means in this thoughtful essay about parades, flags, and Independence Day. …

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Monday Morning Musing

One of these weeks, months, I’ll get back to a regular working routine. As of today, time on the keyboard is still limited. Some things I can dictate, like work on my book, but I’ve always needed to punch the keys for updating the blog. Goes back to my newspaper days when I wrote columns …

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