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Suggestion for Doctors and Humor From Slim Randles

Happy Monday! A good way to start the week is with a smile. Total patient health care. When I worked in the hospital many moons ago, one of my duties was to attend the daily discharge rounds on the floors that I covered as a chaplain. These daily gatherings were attended by nurses from the …

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Fun in the Garden by Slim Randles

My apologies for not having anything on my blog to commemorate Memorial Day. It’s not like the holiday meant less to me than it has is years past, it’s just that my body decided to rebel with a myriad of issues that made me feel sicker than death on a cracker. Thankfully, my kids came …

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Farmers Never Rest

Since I was in full recovery mode yesterday from an exhausting weekend, I didn’t even try to put a blog together. It probably wouldn’t have made any sense, anyway, because my brain and my body both were slogging through molasses. 🙂 Today is better, so I’m going to let Slim Randles entertain you. First, I …

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Friday Fun

Honest. We’ll get to some humor, but first something to think about. A news report the other day said that First Republic Bank was in trouble again. Share prices are sinking because people are pulling their cash out of the bank. When things get scary in the financial world, an impulse is to get our …

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Flowers and Christmas in Spring- An Update

One of the best parts of spring for me is finding the “gift” of a lovely wildflower when I’m out walking with my dog in the morning. These white ones are popping up along the RR easement and in some yards. Not mine, however. 🙁 I wish I had some. Because of the shade, the …

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Good Monday Morning

Since I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger recently, I’m going to let my friend Slim Randles entertain you today. But first, a word about that old adage. In my youth, I hung a lot of wall paper, and I have to say that there’s no way that a person can do that with …

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Friday Fun and Discount Books

How is your Friday shaping up? Mine will be busy as I try to catch up on work that got delayed while I was sick. No need for details, but the good news is that I’m better, so it’s full steam ahead. Or maybe part steam ahead. I don’t work, or move, as fast as …

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Cover Reveal For Brutal Season

Over at the Lone Star Literary website, there’s a feature for the official cover reveal for Brutal Season, the fourth book in the Season’s Mystery Series. As part of the celebration, I’m sponsoring a giveaway, and the first place winner receives a $50 Amazon Gift card and signed copies of the first three books. Details …

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Dogs Are, Well, Great

Let’s all take a moment to stop what we are doing and remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr as we commemorate his birthday today. If only his dream of equality and justice for all could come true for people of color everywhere. In years past, I’ve written about Dr. King and his legacy here on …

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