Slim Randles

Into the Woods

Slim Randles is making a visit to the blog today with a nice story about hunting. My interest in hunting tends to follow that of Jasper in this story. It’s not that I have anything against hunting, and have even done some in my past, but that was more for the pleasure of being outdoors …

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Field Trip With Windy

Just when I think maybe… the pain in my head comes back with a vengeance. Sigh… So, it’s a good think I have material from Slim Randles to share, and it’s a perfect day to read some nonsense from good ol’ Windy, the man who mangles the English language like no other. But first this …

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Of Dogs and Celebrities

This meme has little to do with the topic of Slim Randle’s guest post today, but he talks about dogs, right? And who doesn’t love Snoopy. I’ve been laid up with severe back pain the past three days, and it’s still hanging around, vying with the trigeminal neuralgia for attention. I just wish they’d both …

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Celebrations and Summer Colds

First off I want to wish all my friends in the U.S. a happy and safe holiday weekend. I hope whatever plans you have include good times with family and friends. As most of you loyal readers know, today is my birthday. However, I’ll be celebrating rather low-key as a nasty summer cold was one …

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Memories, Juneteenth, and Some #humor

When I saw this meme a friend sent me this morning, I cracked up. Seeing the garage packed like that reminded me of the garage my father had when I was a kid. The garage had been built as a three car garage, with one third of the space dedicated to woodworking tools and equipment. …

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