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Blog Tour for Magic Machine Series

MAGIC MACHINE SERIESbyPreston Lewis and Harriet Kocher Lewis The intent of these books was to see how artificial intelligence (A.I.) dealt with the Bible and with humor. Since A.I. is generated by godless algorithms and computers, the authors sought to see if ChatGPT would treat faith issues with respect, especially in a world where Christianity …

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Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles and #Giveaway

MAGNOLIA BLUFFCRIME CHRONICLESSeasons 1 & 2byThe Underground Authors Scroll down for a giveaway! Each stand-alone book in this multi-author crime novel series is set in the fictitious, beautiful little Texas Hill Country town of Magnolia Bluff. Each author writes in their preferred sub-genre to allow readers to experience humor, dark dilemmas, suspense, romance, thrills, and …

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Commentary – Guest Post – And a Contest

Just a word for California Senator Diane Feinstein – retire. Retire with grace and dignity instead of trying to continue. It’s past time for you and other aging people in Congress to just – go. Go enjoy the rest of your life. Go spend your last years with family and friends. Go, so people with …

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News From the Road

So here I am at Hot Springs Village in Arkansas spending quality time with my brother Michael, sister Nita, the lake and some good whiskey. Great combination! We were in Memphis since last Thursday gathering with extended family for a reunion. We had about 50+ people. Never could get a good count. 🙂 Folks came …

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Interesting News

While most of social media is all abuzz about the indictment of 45 and his appearance in court yesterday, I decided to share some news that is surprising and most interesting and refrain from any commentary on the other news. Don’t be shocked. There are times my restraint actually works. 🙂 The following report is …

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Fun in the Garden by Slim Randles

My apologies for not having anything on my blog to commemorate Memorial Day. It’s not like the holiday meant less to me than it has is years past, it’s just that my body decided to rebel with a myriad of issues that made me feel sicker than death on a cracker. Thankfully, my kids came …

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Book Tour: Black and White: Tales of the Texas Highway Patrol by Ben H. English

BLACK AND WHITE:Tales of the Texas Highway Patrol byBEN H. ENGLISH Law Enforcement Biography / Memoir / Ethics & MoralsPublisher: Creative Texts Publishers ** 250 pagesPublication Date: June 7, 2022 You know, I never saw an officer, an EMT, a fireman, or an ER crew ask anyone what their politics were and then refuse to …

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July Fourth Celebrations Begin

Since I’m still in recovery mode from my shoulder surgery and some complications that popped up – literally as in swollen feet and legs – I’m pulling a post from July 2015. My friend Slim Randles wrote about what the Fourth of July holiday means in this thoughtful essay about parades, flags, and Independence Day. …

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A Special Moment for Windy

I wrote the following post Tuesday early afternoon before hearing about the shooting at the school in Uvalde. My posts are often written the day before they go live, often to give myself a chance to edit or change entirely. I’m not going to change this one. We do need a moment to focus on …

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