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So here I am at Hot Springs Village in Arkansas spending quality time with my brother Michael, sister Nita, the lake and some good whiskey.

Great combination!

We were in Memphis since last Thursday gathering with extended family for a reunion. We had about 50+ people. Never could get a good count. 🙂

Folks came from Texas, Michigan, Boston, Ohio, and North Carolina, ages eighty-two to two. Say that fast ten times. 🙂

What a great time we had at a wonderful park for Memphis BBQ the first day, then a taco bar the second at my Memphis brother’s house where we could play in the pool.

People in a swimming pool.

We will be here for two more days and head back to Texas and my home. Then my brother and sister who are with me here will make the looonnggg way home to Michigan.

The drive to and from Memphis was in short increments of four hours at a time which was more pleasant and easier on old bones. They have a 20 hour drive.

I’m Still officially on vacation, so this is going to be a short post. Slim Randles is taking the stage in a moment, but first I want to announce a sale at Apple Books for one of my books:

BOOK NAME: Evelyn Evolving

STORE: Apple

PROMOTION NAME: Apple’s Beach Reads Sale

PROMOTION DATES: June 27th – July 5th



Now here’s Slim, who reminds us that summer evenings can sometimes be pleasant. Enjoy yours!

Our day is filled with heat at this time of year. It commands our attention and makes our work harder. As we toil, we daydream not about love or success, but things as mundane as shade and a cool drink.

But though the oppressive heat weighs on our brains and taxes our bodies, it is the price we pay for being allowed to spend time outdoors … and it has its one singular consolation: our summer evenings.

When the sun goes down in summer, it’s romantic enough to hug a cactus.

The recipe is simple; keep the earth warm, but just bring out the stars and a soft breeze that cools the skin. Mix this with a fulmination of little night varmint sounds of peeping and chirping and croaking.

And guitars.

Whether we play them ourselves or just turn on the radio, it is a perfect setting for guitars. Villalobos, Fernando Sor, Tarrega, Randy Travis, Doc Watson, Steve Cormier.

We sit in brick-paved patios with something cool and someone sweet and relax and talk about dreams, because on evenings like this, anything is possible.

On nights like this, it’s difficult to decide whether remembering evenings like this in the past is better than anticipating those to come.

All we really know is that it sure is nice to be here right now.

Tonight I’m going to see if I can remember all the words to “Little Joe the Wrangler” and find out if my guitar is still in tune.

Sponsored by music of genuine cowboy, singer, actor and retired college professor, Steve Cormier.

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