January 2019

Word of the Day

The government is up and running. tRump has accepted Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to give the State of the Union Address on February 5. I finally worked through a major plot tangle in my current WIP. All is well with the world.  WIP, for all you non-writers out there, means work in progress, and I have …

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Friday Fun – Book Excerpt

There is something so interesting about an old tree with its gnarly branches and scars where branches once were. I walk by this one most mornings when I am out walking and I finally remembered to take a picture. I thought the younger tree in the background was an nice touch to the photo.  Now …

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The Poignancy of Death

Slim Randles is here today with a somewhat sobering blog post about death. That isn’t a topic that most of us like to talk about, or read about, or even think about too much. But in my years of knowing some pretty amazing country folks, I’ve come to understand that they are somewhat more pragmatic …

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