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Contests And More This Monday Morning

  Monday, Monday and the sun is shining here in my corner of the world. (I love that song by The Mamas and The Papas. Listening to it makes me want to dance.) I hope all my Texas friends and family have recovered from the horrible storm and deep-freeze that crippled our state. Family members …

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Information on the Pandemic And A #freebook

This pandemic is getting more and more scary by the day, especially here in the U.S as we now have three times the rate of infections as any other country. This is sad news considering that had there been better planning and a quicker response on the National level, we might be looking at much …

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#Humor from Slim Randles

Slim Randles is here as today’s Wednesday’s Guest. I guess there is lots of snow and cold winds where the Mule Barn Truck Stop is located. It’s sunny and a little warm here in my corner of NE Texas, so I don’t know whether to have a cup of coffee with the guys or iced …

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#FridayReads – The Final Quest by Gabriel Farago

Those of you who are familiar with my blog know that I like to support my fellow authors, so today I’d like to introduce you to a writer from down under, Gabriel Farago. We met online, and I sampled his free story The Forgotten Painting which I very much enjoyed reading. That story introduces readers to Jack …

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Pinatas And Parties

The other day my neighbors were celebrating one of their young daughter’s birthday with a small gathering of friends and a pinata. I’d seen pinatas used at various Spanish celebrations before, but I never knew exactly what they stood for, or their interesting history. Thanks to Wikipedia, I found out that the pinata originated in …

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The Fine Art of Chopping Wood

Please help me welcome Slim Randles as today’s Wednesday’s Guest. I’ve always wondered how a master at chopping wood managed to split a chunk of firewood with one blow of an ax; now I know. Before moving on to Slim’s post, I do want to tell you about two giveaways you can enter to win …

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