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Friday Fun

So, members of the U.S. Senate can’t agree on things really important to the country; like the economy, the future of COVID responses, or what to do to help the people of Ukraine, but they can pass a bi-partisan “Sunshine Protection Act.”  Like the sun really needs protection. Last time I checked it seemed to …

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Contest and Book Excerpt

First off, my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine. I hope the war ends swiftly and in their favor. The world is on edge about how more aggressive Russia might get. Will Putin push it to the brink of a major World War? Let us pray, too, that that will never happen. …

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Love and Valentines

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a holiday to celebrate romance between people who are in a special close, intimate relationship, I think it’s a holiday to celebrate love, period. That can be between life partners, dating couples, family members, and friends. Let’s Celebrate Love To help us celebrate this day of fun …

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It’s Snowing – Let’s Play

With so much of the country digging out from the massive snow storms that swept from Texas across the Midwest and on to the East Coast, this column from Slim Randles seems most appropriate for today. But first, I must say I was mildly amused at some of the jokes that circulated on social media …

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Story Preview and Book Review

Recently, I’ve been working on a new short story that was a gift from my muse the day I saw a homeless man on a scooter crossing the road. I was driving to an appointment, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. Much like other short stories I’ve written that came to me …

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