Taking a Sabbatical

While I wish my time away was to be spent at a beautiful, secluded Italian villa where I would finish my latest book in a lovely, peaceful setting, the next couple of weeks, or more, will be mostly spent recovering from hip surgery.

I won’t go into all the gory details, but I know the recovery time is long, with lots of physical therapy.

The good news is that lots of folks have told me they had few problems following the surgery and once therapy is completed, the hip joint works great. My hope, and that of the doctor treating my back problems, is that fixing the hip will ease a lot of the pain in my back since I won’t be favoring that hip when I walk. I still have vertebrae out of alignment, but surgery to fix that is so far off the table that I swept it up with the dog hair and threw it in the trash.

But, enough of that.

A good friend sends me cute memes and cartoons on a regular basis, and this one made me chuckle.
Hope it does the same for you.

This is a good time to leave all you dear readers with some fun from Slim Randles and the gang at the Mule Barn Truck Stop. It’s always nice when we can join them and get a bit of humor.

Grab a cup, or glass, of your favorite beverage and enjoy!


Feel that warmth? Right there on the back of your neck? Yep. That’s the one. Around here that means only one thing: time to cruise down to the Mule Barn coffee shop and get something hot to drink.

Of course, that’s what we do regardless of any vagaries of the weather, but that spring sunshine makes it more pleasant. Gives a guy the impetus to be an ‘impetur’, I’m thinking.

“I believe,” said our mustached cowboy, Steve, after his first cup, “that it is the duty of ever-dang one of us to improve the lives of others while we’re here, and I’ve found my own way.”

“And that is?” asked Doc.

“Well, Doc, you’re the reason I decided on this here. You know them medicines you prescribe for me? Can’t read ‘em. Know why? They’re in a different language and we’re Americans ‘round here.”

“Like which ones, Steve?”

Steve pulled a pill bottle out of his shirt pocket and looked at it. “A-mox-a-silly-un, for one.”

“It’s for killing germs.”

“Well, so is that Lysol stuff, but I think drinking it would make a guy sick.”


“I’m going to rename all them hard-named medicines so folks can pronounce them and know what they do. Take that A-moxy stuff. Change that puppy to ‘germ slayer.’ Easier to say and tells you what to do. I figure by the time I get through with all that stuff in a drugstore, the world will be an easier place for doctors and their patients.”

“That’s sure interesting,” said Herb. “And maybe someone will someday come up with a pill that prevents coffee drinkers from talking foolishness, too. Probably call it ‘Steve-a-cillin.’”

Coffee does that to some folks, you know, but it’s still good for thinking.


Feet sore from all your walking? Hey, just sit on a rock and sprinkle some “Foot’s Achin’” powder on them.
The secret’s in the sitting.


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