Month: March 2019

We’re All Ready For Spring

After the last week of freezing temperatures here in Northeast Texas, we are ready for spring, as are the guys at the Mule Barn Truck Stop. There’s something about those cold winter days that make our minds go down strange paths. Dud is on a particularly strange one today, as Slim Randles shares with us …

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What Does it Mean to Be American?

  What Does It Mean to Be…American? Written by: Rana DiOrio & Elad Yoran Illustrated by: Nina Mata Little Pickle Press April 2019 Release ISBN: 978-1-4926-8380-3 BOOK BLURB: With current affairs dividing our country, one truth remains-we are all Americans. But what does that mean? From following our dreams and having the freedom to choose …

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Mush You Huskies

Slim Randles is here today to kick the weekend off with a reminiscence of a special time in his life. I think it is good, and important, to look back on experiences that meant so much to us. In remembering, we are living it again in a sense, and that brings joy and contentment and …

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