What’s in a Name?

Our friend, Slim Randles is once again the Wednesday’s Guest. He sure has some interesting people in that fictitious place that houses the Mule Barn Truck Stop where the guys get good coffee and have good times. Today he introduces us to some new folks and I won’t even begin to pronounce their last name. Any suggestions?

In a feat of great scientific mystery, Slim is also over at The Blood-Red Pencil blog with some more nonsense, er, fun. Check it out if you’ve got a minute.

It’s warming up here in East Texas, so I thought it time to have somelemonade. Enjoy…


“So why do we salute the flag, kids?” asked Abraham Lincoln Bahdziewicz.

Woodrow Wilson Bahdziewicz, the oldest of the Bahdziewicz kids, raised his hand.

“Yes, Woody?” said his dad.

“To say thank you for the United States of America…”

“No it isn’t,” said John Kennedy Bahdziewicz. “It’s to pledge ourselves to the flag.”

“And what does that mean to you, Johnny?”

“That says it’s our favorite flag.”

“Well … yes, I guess so, but Woody’s also right. It’s a way of saying thank you for this country of ours. Yes, Laura?”

Laura Bush Bahdziewicz put her hand down. “More pudding,” she said. She was passed the pudding.


“Yes, Frank?”

“Are we through here, yet, Dad?” said Franklin Delano Bahdziewicz. “I told the guys I’d play ball with them.”

“Me, too,” said Neal Armstrong Bahdiewicz. “I’m the catcher. They can’t start without me.”

“Okay,” said Abe, “we’ll wrap this up here. Kids, we salute the flag because our name is Bahdziewicz. I know… so does everyone else whose name isn’t Bahdziewicz. But when Grandpa came here from Poland, no one knew how to pronounce our name.”

“They still don’t,” said Betsy Ross Bahdziewicz.

“True, but they’re learning. And, if we are truly American enough, the name Bahdziewicz will become one of those great American names. Okay, enough for today. Let’s go.”

Sometimes, being American is … well, enough.
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