Monday Morning Musings

Even though the past weekend was a holiday, it was a rather quiet two days for me. No company for Easter, and it was cold and wet here in East Texas. I felt bad for all the families that were trying to do the usual Easter traditions like egg hunts and Easter parades. It was pretty soggy outside, and we needed Noah’s ark to get to church.

wet rabbit

WHAT I’M READING  Heartland by David Wiltse. I’m reading this one just for personal enjoyment, not because of a review request, and I’m glad I started it. It is a mystery, set in Nebraska, and the place comes alive under the skillful pen of Wiltse. Okay, he probably uses a computer like the rest of us, but you get my point. The central character is Billy Tree, a former Secret Service agent, who is battling PTSD after a horrific experience of nearly being killed and wondering if he killed his partner to save his own ass. This is a very well-written book with a wonderful cast of characters.

CELEBRATING STRONG WOMEN The woman I’m featuring today is special for several reasons. First because she is a jockey who has managed to win two Breeders Cup races and is the highest-ranked woman jockey in North America. Rosie Napravnik has a distinguished record in racing and is the only woman to ride in all of the Triple Crown Races. She placed third in the 2013 Preakness Stakes and fifth in the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

She is only the second woman jockey to win a Breeders Cup race and the first to win more than one. She won the 2012 Breeders Cup Juvenile of a horse called Shanghai Bobboy and the 2014 Breeder’s Cup Distaff on Untapable. After that race she is quoted as saying, “I own this race.”

And that is the title of a painting that is now hanging on a wall in my house. A local artist, Margit Iguchi, did the painting and donated it to the Winnsboro Center for the Arts for the recent Starry Starry Night fundraiser. When I saw the painting, I had a special connection to it. I had to smile in delight when I saw Rosie flying down the stretch on Untapable. What a great moment for her, and what an inspiration she is for young girls who may dream of winning it big in a sport dominated by men.

I thought of myself as that young girl. In my youth I knew a man who raised Thoroughbreds and raced them at Hazel Park Raceway near Detroit. One summer he let me exercise his horses, and there is nothing like the thrill of a full gallop astride an eager runner. Unfortunately, I got too big to ever be considered for a race.

Margit's painting
I wish you could see the expression on Rosie’s face that the artist captured. Truly wonderful.

That’s it for me folks. Please do leave a comment and let me know how your weekend was. And what childhood dream makes you smile today?

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  1. Very, very nice Maryann, love all the info. included on Rosie. It’s such an exciting story about her accomplishments. So well written as only you could do.

    Thank you dear friend. Margit

    1. You captured her in paint, Margit. What a wonderful tribute your painting is to her. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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