We Love Our Dogs

Please welcome our friend, Slim Randles, back as today’s Wednesday’s Guest. He brought his dog, so maybe we can share a treat with her, while the rest of us have a cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee. I’ve got the rolls, if you’ve got the coffee.

Image Courtesy of “Riches to Rags” Blog Where You can Find the Recipe


Image Courtesy of Apartments.com, the last site you would think would have a recipe for homemade dog treats.

One of the great pleasures of hanging around down at the livestock auction barn each Saturday morning is being able to take your dog along.

Why do we go to the sale barn? We love agriculture, and it’s part of living here to see who buys what and rejoice in their good fortune, even if our own grass is stressed to the limit by whatever varmint we’re currently feeding. Or, it could be that we figure we’ve already lived too long, and if the right horse or cow comes through there, and we buy it, our wives will see to it that we don’t suffer in agony for untold years.

This weekly auction is a treasure house for our dogs. It’s a dog’s day out, a chance to scrounge under the bleachers for dropped hot dog portions and the occasional sweet bun crust. It’s a chance for them to get reacquainted with dog buddies and to check out any new pickups in the parking lot whose tires have not yet been properly baptized.

My coonhound loves it. She had done her munching, scrounging and socializing and was curled up under my truck, waiting for me, as we were getting ready to leave. Dud’s blue heeler was flitting around in the bed of his pickup truck, guarding against anything that might deign to trespass. And Doc had a new dog, of non-obvious parentage, on a leash, which meant he was not yet broken in to sales barn etiquette. Once he got used to it, and had been introduced to the other dogs, he’d fit right in and the leash would be history.

“What kind of dog is that, Doc?” we asked.

“Why, he’s an Egyptian shepherd.”

“I never heard of an Egyptian shepherd. Does he work cattle?”


“What’s he do?”

Doc grinned, “He makes pyramids in the back yard.”

Have you seen “Home Country Minute” on television? Hop on over for a visit to see what Slim has to say. It’s always interetsing and quite a bit of fun.

If you like what Slim shares here, you will enjoy his books. Check out his author page on Amazon if you have a moment. His books are a delight, and they make perfect gifts for any occasion,

3 thoughts on “We Love Our Dogs”

  1. There’s something to be said for a a pet which likes a day out with you, and can behave itself off a leash. Sounds like a great day.


    PS Who can’t eat cinnamon rolls – sigh.

  2. When I was a kid we had a dog—an Irish setter named Dooley—who loved raspberries. She used to stick her nose under the leaves and eat the berries right off the vine.

    It was a long time ago but I still think of her—and those lovely raspberries. 🙂

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