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Or maybe I should say Monday Afternoon Musings. I took pain pills and a nap this morning, so I got to my office a bit late today, which threw everything off schedule. I snagged some cookies from The Pastry Chef’s Baking website since I didn’t have time to make anything to share with readers. Grab one if you’d like.

First off I’ve got to say that the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Olympic Games was a spectacular show. I especially liked the way the dancers formed the Olympic Rings with the fifth one forming a few moments later than the others. To some viewers it might have seemed like the dancers had missed a sound cue like they did in the opening ceremonies, but it was just a little whimsey that fit so well with other bits of whimsey throughout the show. The bear was also another highlight for me. What a sweet expression he had on his face.

Last week I read an article that Jacquielynn Floyd wrote about a man in Dallas who volunteers in the cardiac unit at Baylor University Medical Center. Even though women are more likely to be hospital volunteers, there are more and more men who are responding to that need. What sets Clarence Griffith apart from those other men is that he is the oldest one to regularly spend time with patient families who are in the cardiac waiting room, anxiously awaiting the outcome of tests or surgeries.

Griffith is 101, and he became a volunteer at the request of his cardiac surgeon following a triple by-pass surgery at age 94. That in itself is amazing as most people of that age could not tolerate such a physically and emotionally traumatic surgery, but that is just another indication that Griffith is not like most people.

So today I am celebrating a strong man instead of a strong woman, but I think everyone can agree that Griffith deserves the recognition. From my years of working as a hospital chaplain, I know what the kindness and attentiveness of this kind of volunteer can mean to families during these frightening and stressful times of life and death situations.

Griffith does this because that’s what people are supposed to do. In her column, Floyd pointed out that Griffith has a very concise interpretation of Christian theology: “The Bible says we are supposed to help people.”

She compared that simple approach to the “…sour political season of candidates using religion to justify extremist rhetoric.

“It’s a wonder that they’re talking about the same book. In Clarence Griffith’s Bible, providing comfort and care and practical assistance to other human beings is the prime directive.”

So let’s raise a glass, or a cup, of whatever you have handy and toast a truly remarkable man. Kudos to you Mr. Clarence Griffith.

Did you watch the closing ceremonies? What part resonated the most with you? Did you watch the Kerrigan/Harding documentary prior to the closing ceremonies?

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  1. Hi Maryann — I’m an Olympics junkie, so I definitely tuned in for the closing ceremony. Lighter and more colorful than the opening, and yes, the sense of humor came through loud and clear with the Olympic ring formation. And that tear shed by the bear after extinguishing the flame was priceless.

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