A to Z Challenge – X is for a Cute Children’s Book

Most of us doing the A to Z blog Challenge have a few letters we wish would leave the alphabet; q, x, and z being the three that can be the most challenging. A children’s author, Marvin Mayer, has attempted to help us out with his picture book, The Day That X Ran Away.


According to the description of the book online, the letter X is distressed to find that there are only sixty three words beginning with him (X.) He decides that since he is so insignificant, he’ll run away and let the other letters try to make words without him. He is surprised to discover that he is needed to complete words started by his twenty five friends.

I’ve read the book – what can I say, I’m a sucker for children’s picture books – and it is a delightful story. The illustrations are cute and perfectly bring the story to life. Beneath the surface, there is a nice lesson about how we are all important, no matter how insignificant we may feel. That is a truism we all need to hear now and then, as we sometimes measure ourselves against others and come up short.

It’s a little late for the book to help any of the bloggers doing the Challenge, but you might want to get it to have on hand for next year. Or you could get it as a gift for some young person in your life. They are sure to enjoy it.

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