A to Z Challnge – W is for Where?

As in, “where is my computer?”

My PC started making a lot of noise yesterday,  right when I was about to get started on my 1000 words for the day on my new book. Isn’t that always the way? The noise, as I explained to my son who is a computer techie, not a theatre techie, sounded like the engine of a jet plane revving up for take off. “Not good,” my techie son responded. “That could be a fan getting ready to shut down, and bad, bad things happen to a computer if a fan goes out.”

Since my son lives too far away to come a fix my computer at a moment’s notice, it is in a local computer fix-it shop, hopefully getting fixed.  That also means all my files and pictures are also at the shop, and I have nothing on my little back-up notebook with which to do my regular blog post for the Challenge.

This has nothing to do with the topic. Just a pretty wildflower that blooms in my yard.

So, I will just share with you a couple of things from the newspaper. First, a few weeks ago I read an item in the Dallas Morning News about the city’s response to a homeowners attemt to save water. Burton Knight lives in the Junius Heights Historic District of the city, and the city’s Landmark Commission has ruled that his yard is not “historically appropriate.”

Knight, who has a horticulture degree from Texas A &M, planted his yard in cactus and native plants that thrive in heat and drought. That was his contribution to water conservation that is vital in Texas, but the Commission  After several years of drought, we need to be looking at ways to ensure that we do not face a serious water crisis. Replacing the lush lawns of so many homes and businesses with landscaping that does not require millions of gallons of water to thrive seems like a good place to start. And what could be more historically accurate than the native plants that have grown in Texas for hundreds of years?
 So that’s my rant for the day. Now, here is some fun from the comics:

This is from Pearls Before Swine. Rat is telling Goat, “I’ve concluded that the key to living an ethical life is to always pause before I do anything and ask myself that key moral question.”

“Which is what;”

“Can I get away with it?”

“I don’t think that’s moral.”

“Well, not if you get caught.”

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