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Since winter is closing in, I thought a picture of a pretty flower would brighten what is otherwise a cloudy day here in my corner of the world.

Somebody posted this on Twitter the other day, and it so perfectly says something about me. It took me a long time to realize that the trigeminal neuralgia I have, with other complications, is more than just a condition. It may never get better, so it is really a disability. Either way, it sucks!


Okay, moving on to something more pleasant.

Over the weekend I read Christmas With the Wrights, a collection of short stories written by CW Hawes.

***** ABOUT THE BOOK *****

Even hard-nosed detective Justinia Wright can get into the Christmas spirit.

Three cases. Three chances to spread some Christmas cheer.

There’s Cordell Oscar Hellman, the conservative political pundit, who’s recreational morphine use has come to the attention of a vicious blackmailer.

Mrs. Solberg’s dope of a husband is being hoodwinked by the office minx and Mrs. S doesn’t like it.

Then there’s Emil Papenfuss, who’s homeless and a millionaire. Only he doesn’t know he’s a millionaire.

Three cases. Three chances to do a good deed. And with the inducement of three big fat fees and Harry’s help, Tina delivers the goods. But not without difficulty.

Christmas with the Wrights. Not like any Christmas you’ve ever experienced. Get in on the action and fun today!

NOTE* This collection is a fun read, reminiscent of Holmes and Watson in the interactions between the two main characters, Tina and Harry. They are brother and sister, and their roles are anything but a stereotype. If you like this kind of mystery, take a look at this one, you’ll enjoy it.


Now here’s some fun from Slim Randles and good ol’ Windy Wilson. Enjoy…

“No, Doc,” Windy said, “don’t hurt or nothin’ like that, but you know, with all the plagues goin’ on right now, figgered it’s better to be safe than … “


“I ain’t never sorry I come to see ya, Doc. You know that. Fell to sleep t’other night when all them ad shows is on … you know. Like how to cut yer boots with a knife and feel younger by wearin’ a new shirt … that stuff.”

Doc nodded. Windy Wilson was one of his closest pals, as well as being a patient. The adventures of this old cowboy camp cook and mule packer were usually good for a laugh, anyway. But ol’ Windy really seemed upset this morning.

“Windy,” Doc said, kindly. “I’m thinking this is a sorta personal problem? I deal with personal problems all the time, so why not just tell me about it?”

“Thass what’s so strange, Doc. I only catched a part of it when I was a-dozin’ off, ya know? But I told myself … Self, I better go talk to Doc, ‘cuz that jest might be whass been holdin’ me back on startin’ some colts.”

“Starting some colts? What’s keeping you from starting some colts is you’re old enough to know better! So what’s this problem that the teevee said is keeping you out of the saddle?”

Windy looked up shamefaced. “They called it a deviated rectum.”


Go from fierce cussing to fly casting, Try the tenkara simple fishing method.

Check out all of Slim’s award-winning books at his Goodreads Page and in better bookstores and bunkhouses throughout the free world.

All of the posts here are from his syndicated column, Home Country that is read in hundreds of newspapers across the country. I am always happy to have him share his wit and wisdom here.

Slim Randles is a veteran newspaperman, hunting guide, cowboy, and dog musher. He was a feature writer and columnist for The Anchorage Daily News for 10 years and guided hunters in the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains. A resident of New Mexico now for more than 30 years, Randles is the prize-winning author of a dozen books, and is host of two podcasts and a television program.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope your week starts off well. Be safe. Be happy.

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