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You just never know what good old Windy’s going to say when the guys gather at the Mule Barn truck stop, and today’s offering from Slim Randles is a good example. The Mule Barn Truck stop is a fictional place, but it sure reminds me of the little diner my husband and I used to go to on a Saturday morning for breakfast. Local farmers and ranchers gathered there at one large round table, and I made sure we sat close enough to catch part of the conversations about the weather, crops and critters. 

Of course the men we saw at our diner didn’t have a Windy to amuse them or us. But we did have good strong coffee and a great breakfast. If you haven’t had breakfast yet, try one of these country Saturday offerings. 


“Don’t you just love this time of year?” said Doc. “Football season. Rodeo finals coming up soon. Time to go hunting. All that stuff.”

Windy Wilson sipped at his coffee. Oh good. Doc gave us another topic.

“Sports,” Windy said. “thems my putner fav-o-rite things … well, ‘long with dogs … and country musicals and that kinder thing.”

The guys at the philosophy counter of the Mule Barn truck stop grinned at Windy, who has yet to encounter a sentence or thought he couldn’t improve.

“So,” said Steve, the tall cowboy of the bunch, “what’s your favorite sport, Windy?”

“That’d have to be individuated sinchernized swimmin’ I think. Or mebbe them ribbons them little flippitly-floppity girls swing ‘round so it looks like they’re in trouble.”

“But Windy,” Doc put in, “those are girl events.”

“Yeah they are,” Windy said, nodding. “But there’s somethin’ about ‘em, you know? Must be the cord-i-nation or somethin’. Anyhow, I like ‘em.”

“Always had a cowboy and hunting guide and camp cook figured for more manly sports, Windy. You know … shooting, rodeo, football …”

“Ahh… football! Why yessir, you definite hit on one of my pet sports. Love that there football. Why, at halftime them girls come out with their pommy poms and dance ‘round in shorty shorts …”

I think we all get the picture, don’t you?
Brought to you by Home Country with Slim Randles, the radio show. Coming soon to a country music station near you.

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