Falling For You

Slim Randles is here to entertain today, but before I let him take the stage, I want to explain why this post is going up so late on Wednesday.

My plan was to get it ready to go live yesterday, but that plan came to a screeching halt when I had to have a root canal. The procedure was relatively painless, and I am just left with some tenderness around the tooth and a sore cheek from being stretched beyond what I though it could have been. Do dentists know that one’s skin is not as elastic as say, a rubber-band? Is there not a class in dental school that teaches that?

But I digress.

In exchanging messages with a friend earlier today, I had commented how this whole thing was handled much quicker, and for less cost, when the dentist did it all – located the offending tooth, did the root canal, and put on a crown. You weren’t sent to a specialist. If I recall correctly, a root canal I had about 35 years ago was done by my dentist and only cost $900. That included the crown. Today, it is anywhere from $1200 to $1800 for a root canal. $200 for the consultation, which often is charged by the general dentist and again by the endodontist, and $900 for a crown.

But my friend did remind me that I am better off than those folks who had to go to the barbershop to have the tooth yanked out with only a slug of whiskey to dull the pain.

Yes, I am better off.

Since I am having a hard time chewing on one side of my mouth, I’ve been eating a lot of applesauce. Good thing that is one of my favorites. I have plenty to share, so grab a spoon and enjoy while Slim Randles entertains us with another story from the guys down at the Mule Barn Truck Stop.


When Dewey and Emily walked into the Mule Barn the other day, they were greeted with applause and whistles. Emily blushed and Dewey took a bow, almost hitting the coffee pot Loretta was carrying.

“I hear you too really fell for each other,” Doc said. “And the way I hear it, many times.”

“That’s right, Doc, I finally cornered him and we’re planning a wedding,” Emily said.

Emily is a brave soul, taking for a husband the most accident prone human being since Wrong-Way Corrigan.

The think tank was at the round table this morning, and the fellows made room for the young couple. Dewey very slowly and deliberately pulled a chair back for Emily, then helped her scoot it in. He then pulled out his chair slowly and sat down. It was like he was operating in molasses.

“Are you okay, Dewey?”

“Sure am, Doc.”

“Moving kinda funny this morning?”

Dewey smiled. “Part of my new plan, Doc. You know things have a way of … happening … to me, right?”

Yes indeed.

“So I kinda slowed myself down, and I do things very deliberately now. And it’s working out really well.” He paused and gestured to a bowl in the middle of the table. “Steve, would you pass those creamers, please?”

Steve reached across the table with the creamers and Dewey reached for them, knocking Herb’s water glass over and spilling ice water in Herb’s lap. Herb jumped up and his chair hit the busboy who dropped dishes with a tremendous crash.

Once the danger of flying shrapnel was over, Mary the cook looked out into the dining room with a questioning look on her face.

Loretta said, “Dewey.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brought to you by the Assoc. of Mature Americans (AMAC), better for you, better for America.   

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Slim Randles writes a nationally syndicated column, “Home Country” and is the author of a number of books including  Saddle Up: A Cowboy Guide to Writing. That title, and others, are published by  LPD Press
If you enjoy his columns here, you might want to check out the book Home Country. It has some of the best of his offerings through the years.

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