Monday Morning Musings

Not much for the blog today. Still struggling with issues of pain that limit computer time.

First a little humor to start the week off. I loved this meme that was circulating on Facebook. I’m sure we’ve all felt this way and tried to keep on smiling.

bored baby


I follow several blogs, Writer Unboxed being one of them, and there is a terrific post over there by Dan Blank, founder of We Grow Media,  detailing all the reasons we should not get complacent about our work as writers once we reach some level of success. Here is just a bit of it, that really resonated with me. Maybe because of my current situation. Writing is hard.

If people are out there selling you “easy,” you should be skeptical.

Because it’s difficult to write.
To keep writing.

To publish.
To keep publishing.

Dan also asks writers to Invest in the people who believe in you, not those who don’t.

And to invest in ourselves, by working on our craft every day.

There’s a lot more terrific advice over there, so do take a minute to check it out. And if you don’t already follow Writer Unboxed, I encourage you to do so. There is always something to help us along this writing journey.


Another blog I follow is Dru’s Book Musings. I’ll admit I don’t go there as frequently as I do the Writer Unboxed and Kristen Lamb’s blog, but I do visit. Dru is an avid reader, and she introduces visitors to new books. I have added a lot of titles to my TBR list by reading her blog. Her reading tastes lean to cozy mysteries, and today she is featuring The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer by Cathy Ace.

There’s an excerpt on Dru’s blog and one lucky person can win a copy of the book.


That’s it for me folks. Need to get off the computer. Hope your week is starting off better than mine.

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    1. Thanks. I seem to be going from one problem to another. Hopefully the problems will stop lining up. Am feeling a tad better this afternoon, so I need to work on an editing job.

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