Monday Morning Musings

Sorry to have been away for so long. It has been a rough week. But before we get into that, I wanted to share a picture of the cats who have kept me company on the couch all week.

sammy and lily when I was sick
This is Lily and Sammy, sister and brother who love each other.

The next time you think about getting a shingles shot, act on that thought. I did not and have spent the last week in the worst pain since giving birth without an anesthetic. I have shingles on my face that involves my right eye, so I have been seeing a doctor to treat that.

My form of shingles is called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, and my doctor said it is not as common as Herpes zoster shingles. Unfortunately, the Ramsay Hunt version causes more long-term problems, but luckily for me, the problems for me are limited to some facial and scalp paralysis and that may go away in time.

I am still recuperating and need to rest a lot, so I may not be up to my full blogging schedule for a while. But I do hope you will come back often this month and next to meet some terrific authors who will be visiting. This is my first time to partner up with these other authors for the Author EGG-Cerpt Exchange, the brainchild of Tina Gayle , but it has been fun writing posts and exchanging them.

This week, Jacquie Biggar, who writes Romantic Suspense with attitude, will be my Wednesday’s Guest. Please do help me welcome her on Wednesday.

That’s all I can manage for today folks. Have a great week.

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings”

  1. Oh, ow… I’m so sorry. I’ve had shingles (twice I think – the second time might’ve been poison ivy, but it seemed more shingles-like). Fortunately never on my head or face or ear (though I am the Queen of Painful Ear Infections and am currently dealing with corneal erosion, so you have my utmost sympathy/empathy on the pain). Glad you have the cats to cuddle with! I do hope you heal completely.

    1. Yikes. Corneal erosion is not something to take lightly. I have lesions on my cornea, so we are working to take care of that. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  2. Maryann, the shingles must be horrible! I’m sending you all the get well vibes I can get through this snowstorm we’re having.

    P.S. I did get my shingles vaccine. I knew a woman at work back in the 90s who had something similar to yours and I know how much she suffered.

  3. Oh, Maryann, I just want to cry for you, but instead, I’ll say a prayer. Sammy and Lilly look so sweet and comfy. Hope you will be well very soon!

    1. Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers, Jan. One of my kids joked that I was on the couch covered in cats. They all have tried to make me feel better. Sometimes all at the same time. 🙂

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