A Surprise Guest

Today’s Wednesday’s Guest is Leslie Richards, the central character in my mystery, Boxes For Beds. She popped into my office the other day and we had a nice little chat.

Leslie: Hey there, am I interrupting?

Me: Well, I am a bit busy. What do you want?

Leslie: Mandy is off to school and I’m a bit lonely. Plus I have a writing problem that I thought you could help with.

Me: Ah, still writing then?

Leslie: Trying to. But it was so hard to get my focus back after all that has happened.

Me: Maybe you should focus on promoting instead. Do a blog book tour.

Leslie: A what?

Me: Visiting blogs on the Internet. Telling people your story. Like you are doing here.

Leslie: People? What people? It’s just the two of us, sitting here and having coffee. 

Me: Actually, it’s not just us. I’m sharing our conversation on my blog. I’ll share some virtual coffee, too. I always do on Wednesdays.

Leslie: You lost me. I have no idea what you are talking about. Blog? Virtual coffee? Or that other thing. What was it? The Internet?

Me: Sorry. I’m so used to all that, I forgot you wouldn’t be. So much has changed since 1961. So let’s see. How do I explain it?

Leslie: Maybe you shouldn’t try. I don’t even know what that thing is you are typing on. Why aren’t you using your typewriter? It looks a lot like mine.

Me: This is a computer. What I type goes into its memory, then I can send pages to this thing. It’s called a printer. I haven’t used that old Royal since I got my first computer in 1975. 

Leslie: You mean you don’t have to type each page of a manuscript and try to get it perfect? No more correction fluid? No more smudged pages?

Me: Yup.

Leslie: Wow.

Me: So, other than the effect on your writing, how are you coping with the aftermath of being arrested and almost going to prison?

Leslie: I’m managing. My friend Pauline has stuck with me through it all, and we talk almost every day. I’ve been helping her with her lending library.

Me: That’s good. What about Mandy? How’s she doing?

Leslie: Better than me, I think. You know how resilient kids can be sometimes. Once I was cleared and back home, she was relieved. And having Ronald there helps.

Me: Ah, so he stayed around?

Leslie: Yeah. He really has been a steadying influence. For Mandy and for me.

Me: Are you and Ronald making plans for a wedding?

Leslie: Not yet. Our relationship has had so many ups and downs, I want to make sure that we are both ready for something permanent. It’s just so hard to trust my emotions right now.

Me: Waiting is probably a wise decision. But do let me know when things change. Maybe I could write about it. There are readers who are curious.

Leslie: How do you know?

Me: They’ve asked in comments they leave at Amazon.

Leslie: Amazon? Do you mean they are leaving messages at the river in South America?

Me: No, silly. It’s on the internet. A place where books are sold.

Leslie: Okay. This is too confusing. Maybe I should just go back to my own time period, but before I go, do you have any advice about my writing problem?

Me: That’s a hard one, but I think if you just try every day, eventually you will tap back into your creative well. And do something everyday to make you feel good about yourself. That positive energy helps. So does a nice chocolate mocha.

Leslie: A what?

Me: Never mind. Go. Get out of here so we can both get back to work.

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