Monday Morning Musings – Cyber Monday Sales

There are a lot of terrific sales going on for Cyber Monday, and this is my preferred way to shop rather than deal with the crowds at the stores over the weekend. I found a website, Cyber Monday 2013 Deals, that has 29 pages of links to special deals. I like being able to find things in one spot, rather than having to check all the online retail sites. 

A special sale on e-books has begun with 50% off all titles from Untreed Reads, This includes books published directly by Untreed Reads, as well as books they distribute for publishers like Uncial Press and Books We Love. The sale runs until just before midnight tonight, and most short stories only $0.25 each. There are hourly special deals, as well, so check the main page of the store to find out about those. I’m pleased to have my holiday short story, The Last Dollar, as part of that sale, along with my other short stories, so this is a good time to load up an e-reader for yourself or as a gift.

The Holiday show I have been working on at the local art center will open this Friday, so I am going to be busy all week with the last minute things that always seem to pop up. This is a special show that has some music in addition to a short original play, Calliope’s Christmas. The story concept was developed by a local lady, and she gave me free rein to adapt the story to a stage play. It has some wonderful characters, primarily a cat and a hare who learn the meaning of Christmas, thanks to Max, the dog.

It has been great fun working with the kids to prepare the show, and I have had great assistance from so many people who have helped with costumes and set decorations. Many hands working together certainly does make any job easier and more fun. But I must say it was quite a challenge to make a costume so the boy playing the hare would look like a real animal.

Are you taking advantage of the Cyber Monday sales? Did you do Black Friday? Are there favorite holiday shows that you like to see at a theatre or on Television?

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings – Cyber Monday Sales”

  1. Enjoy your sales and your play – they sound like great fun.

    I’m trying to get my brain back in working order after getting to spend Thanksgiving (we had Chinese food and went to a diner) with my daughter in college – something different. But it was a long drive, and I had to keep stopping and napping.

    There will be kids here for Christmas (!), so I need to get my writing done before they come and/or I have to clean.

    Hope you have a great beginning to your Christmas season.


  2. Thanks, Alicia. The holiday show is going to be terrific and it has been fun preparing for it. We are not sure what Christmas will be for us this year. Had a very unconventional Thanksgiving, so we may opt for the same for Christmas.

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