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I just read a STORY in the New York Post online about a ‘novel’ approach to marketing and promoting a book. Jennifer Belle, who’s latest book , “The Seven Year Bitch,” was just released, is the best-selling author of “Going Down” and “High Maintenance.” But she didn’t rely on just her reputation to boost sales of the latest release.

According to the news story, she hired 40 actresses to go out across New York City and burst out laughing in public while reading her book. Belle was quoted in the story saying it’s like in India where people hire professionals to cry at their loved ones’ funerals. “I’m hiring actors to laugh at my book.”

What a clever idea. Marketing is all about buzz, and I can hear the drone of a million bees.

People are naturally curious, so I’m sure a number of them will ask what the reader is laughing at. I’m guessing that the actresses have been given a sales script to use. And even if people don’t ask, they can see the title of the book and make a mental note, “Gosh, if that book is so funny I should read it.”

I’m going to have to keep this in mind for when my memoir is published. (You’ll notice I said when and not if.)

What about you? What do you think of this idea? Is it something you would do?

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  1. It is a clever idea, that’s for sure, but probably too expensive for most of us. Creating a buzz seems to be the trick. One of the awesome mystery writers (not sure which one) created her first buzz by asking every friend and family member to contact all their friends and family members and on and on, asking them to read the book and spread the word. It apparently worked.

  2. It’s an idea, for sure. Laughing would draw attention. I’m not sure crying would pull in people. It would probably help just to have people sit in popular hangouts and hold the book up so the title and cover were clearly visible as they read and act totally enthralled in it.

    Straight From Hel

  3. Patricia, I tried the same tact when One Small Victory was released last year, but did not have great success. Perhaps that other author had more loyal friends and family. LOL

    Seriously, I think that works better with paperback releases. Not sure. I just know I had a hard time pushing my hardback book.

  4. I think it’s an adorable idea, better than when the movie War of the Worlds came to Australia on dvd. I was an Extra at the time and about a hundred of us were hired to run through the streets of Sydney draped in red weed, point at the sky and cry out ‘it’s the War of the Worlds!’. Scared some old people and got picked on by little school kids.

  5. This is the best marketing idea I ever heard of! Thanks for sharing. If you can’t afford professional actresses, enlist some good friends to do it for fun.

    Pat Browning

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