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In honor of Labor Day, which is a holiday for all of us in the U.S., I just want to wish all my compatriots a happy and safe holiday. I was going to write a little reflection in honor of the day, but a friend, Joe Dan Boyd, who is also a journalist, sent me his essay and I couldn’t top that. Here is a link if you care to read it.

I also received another funny piece from my humorist friend, Tracy Farr, so here is a link to his latest nonsense on WinnsboroToday.com. He has a new take on reality shows.

Last, but not least, my other regular columnist for WinnsboroToday.com, Slim Randles, has some dating tips on his latest offering. Here is a link to his essay.

Hope you enjoy these essays and columns. I am so thankful that these terrific writers share their talent with me and the folks who read WinnsboroToday.com

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming….

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  1. LOL, Helen, we are on the Internet and only on the Internet. There is a weekly printed newspaper for this small East Texas town, and we have been an alternative news source for about seven years. And we try to be more of a regional magazine than a newspaper, although I do update world, national and local newsbits everyday.

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