Funny Twitter Trends

First off, is anyone missing a duck?

Last Friday, after the week-long deep freeze in Texas, I ventured out for my morning walk and saw this bird hunched for warmth on my neighbor’s sidewalk. I thought for sure the bird was dying, but it has survived and is even thriving. My neighbors are feeding it, and the critter appears to be somewhat domesticated. It’s not afraid of people. Still, I didn’t want to get too close, so I took these pictures with my phone camera zoomed, which is why the quality of the photo isn’t good.

This isn’t what one expects to see on a city street, and I have no clue what kind of duck it is. Because of the unusual head and neck coloring, my neighbor thinks someone was crossing chickens with ducks, but after doing a Google search for different kinds of ducks, I found articles about Muscovy Ducks. Here’s just a bit about them:

Muscovy Ducks (Cairina moschata) are easy to identify with their warty red head markings. They are larger than many other common ducks like mallards, with male Muscovies reaching up to 15 pounds. Their coloration is generally made up of black and white feathers, though the patterns vary widely and no two Muscovy ducks are likely to look the same once they reach maturity.”

Maybe there’s a Muscovy duck living next door to me. It is big enough and really does have a very ugly head. It also appears to have lost some of the feathers on it’s neck, adding to the rather ugly appearance.


Those of us on Twitter often see on the righthand panel a few hashtags that are trending, some in politics, others in culture, and many in entertainment. Most of them are informative. If you want to know what’s going on with, say, Congress, there is often a hashtag with the name of a person in the Senate or House. Click to check it out if you want. I usually click on hashtags that deal with entertainment and the arts, but I’m not above following some absurdity, like George Santos.

I’ll leave the snarky remarks about him to Stephen Colbert.

Over the past six months or so, I’ve listed a few hashtags that were trending on Twitter that are the epitome of silly and absurd. Here they are in no particular order:


Testical Tanning

Kim Kardashian rants at fans over ‘dumb’ claims she Photoshopped belly button out of pic

Old and ugly

Rattlesnake handler dies from snake bite at annual Texas festival.


This wasn’t a Twitter Trend, but a headline I read in an online News magazine, The Daily Kos: Compelling Cockroach Sex. Um, not interested.

That’s all from me for today, folks. The day started off poorly with lots of pain, so I’m keeping the blog short. I hope your day is much better.

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