It Takes A Village

It’s not Wednesday, but any day is a good one for a guest post from Slim Randles. But first this picture, which has nothing to do with the subject of his post, I just thought it was an interesting photo I took the other day. I’ve been coloring again, now that the quilt project is finished and said quilt on it’s way to Boston, and the colored pencils need to be sharpened now and then. I almost just dumped the dish of shavings, until I took a close look and realized it’s a little artistic itself. What do you think?

I didn’t realize until I looked at the photo that I used a lot of blue pencils. I can see one other color. Can you? Do you see more than one other color?

Okay, now here’s Slim with another look at dear Mabel who has a whole town looking after her. Enjoy…

It was Thursday again. Mabel Adams asked at the desk to be sure.

“Thursday all day, Mabel,” the girl said. “Don’t forget to get your hair done today. Two o’clock … right?”

“Right,” Mabel said, locking the time away in her mind. “Two o’clock. On Thursday.”

She took her purple walker and went half a block to the counter at the drug store. That nice Williams girl came over with a smile and a menu.

“Tuna on toast, Mrs. Adams?”

“Uh, sure. I like that.”

“Hot tea?”

“Yes please.”

After she ate, she started down the sidewalk toward the Curl Up ‘N Dye beauty parlor. The watch pinned on her dress said one forty-five.

Mabel went over to her usual chair and sat down. Fran came over and looked at Mabel’s hair with a smile. “You still look pretty ravishing, Mabel,” she said. “Sure you want a touch-up today?”

Mabel nodded.

“Going to watch that movie with the girls tonight?”

Movie. Tonight.

“Sure,” said Mabel.

It’s nice to live in a small town, because if you don’t know what you are doing, someone else does. 


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All of the posts here are from his syndicated column, Home Country that is read in hundreds of newspapers across the country. I am always happy to have him share his wit and wisdom here.

Slim Randles is a veteran newspaperman, hunting guide, cowboy and dog musher. He was a feature writer and columnist for The Anchorage Daily News for 10 years and guided hunters in the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains. A resident of New Mexico now for more than 30 years, Randles is the prize-winning author of a dozen books, and is host of two podcasts and a television program.

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