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Today I’m going to do something a bit different on the blog. I am on a really tight deadline to finish an edit for a client, so I decided to devote this post to a quick introduction to a few writers and their books. My go-to drink while working is always coffee – good strong coffee – so why don’t you join me and enjoy a cup while meeting some writers. 

First off is  Mike Faricy who writes crime fiction. In a recent newsletter he shared about why he writes: 

“I think the first thing I ever wrote was probably on the wall with a color crayon, and like most of us I was sent to my room. I view that as my first creative rejection. I started writing crime fiction with a half dozen stand alone novels that no one wanted to publish, never realizing at the time that the groundwork was being laid for the Dev Haskell series.

Luckily for me, ebooks provided a side gate into the publishing playground and the Dev Haskell series began with RUSSIAN ROULETTE. Dev would be a wild, crazy weekend date, but you’d never tell your girlfriends, at least not for ten years and then there’d probably be some wine involved in making that decision. I wrote the first ten books in the series in the dark; before sunrise or after sunset. To date there are sixteen Dev Haskell tales. Tales about people who find themselves in the position they’re in because of bad decisions. And no one makes bad decisions like Dev, but then, bad decisions can make for entertaining reading.”

I had to chuckle when I read about him writing on the wall and then viewing the consequences as his first creative rejection. But when I thought more about it, I realized we parents do have a responsibility not to curtail our kids’ creativity. Not that we should encourage marring the walls, but there are so many ways to foster  creative impulses that don’t involve crayons on walls.

Next up is author Leigh Lyn who has written a thriller, The 8th Sky. I have not read the book, but it has received some positive reviews, so it may be worth a read. 

BOOK BLURB: When the puppet masters sacrifice the people to gain power, what would you give up to keep your sanity? Your integrity? Or your life?

Lin Lee, the lead architect of a science park project, wakes up at an asylum after 3 all-nighters fried her brain. She insists she has discovered a menacing plot hole in the narrative of her client’s charitable image. Through it, she saw a glimpse of a secret so horrific her mind can barely face. No one believes her. To restore her credibility, she starts a memoir. Venture with her into a bewildering expedition to discover the truth.

Next up is an offering from Sharon Kleve. She writes in a variety of genres, but her favorite is romantic comedy. Her books are fun, easy reads, and her latest is Vegas Dumb Luck

BOOK BLURB: P.J. Stone has a special knack for matchmaking the most unlikely of souls in the glitzy town of Las Vegas.

Her brother Max isn’t so lucky when it comes to gambling. P.J. has to find Max’s loan shark, a soulmate before vital parts of her brother’s anatomy are removed.

Bruno Swain, P.J.’s sexy-as-hell boyfriend, is a driving instructor at Exotic Race Cars Inc. He loves to drive fast, to eat Pop Tarts in bed with P.J. and wants more than anything for her to be happy and safe.

But keeping her safe isn’t always an easy task.

That’s all for me for today, folks. I do hope you enjoyed meeting these authors and may try one, or all, of the books. Be safe. Be happy.

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