Monday Morning Musings

How was your weekend? Things were busy here with company that arrived on Thursday and stayed until Sunday mid-day. We had a grand time doing some gardening one day, then visiting shops in town on another – well, the company visited shops. I stayed inside the art center because the heat and sun made Ramsay Hunt very angry.

Hannah, my new dog, had great fun waking the girls up every morning. She took her bone into their camp in my office, but she didn’t share it.

Saturday was the last day of the Generations exhibition at the Winnsboro Center For the Arts, so Sunday morning my son and I went to get our art pieces down from the wall.

The following pictures are just a few of the pieces that were on the wall, starting with my mother’s embroidery picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Next is the Blue Bunny, painted by my oldest granddaughter when she was in first grade.

In the next picture there is a copy of a book written by my middle son, Austin’s First Cookbook. He is the archivist for the City of Austin, and the History Center had an exhibition of old cookbooks and the idea for this book was born out of that. Below the book is a painting done by one of my grandsons.

This is a photograph taken by my oldest daughter.

The Moth photograph was taken by my oldest son, who got this shot with his phone. We were following the progression of this luna moth from first emergence to getting its full wings, and this ended up being a very “artful” photo, even though he swears he is not artistic.

My youngest son is a musician who plays keyboard and guitar. He writes a lot of music, and often seeks help from me and his sister for the lyrics. “Sunshine” was the result of one of those collaborative efforts.

One afternoon, my two granddaughters and their mother and I painted some small owl figurines. They were part of a painting kit that one of my daughters had brought out to the house a few weeks ago, thinking she and I would paint them. That didn’t happen, so it ended up being a fun project for us.

Two of the owls were painted by the granddaughters who are much more artistically inclined with a paintbrush than I am, or my daughter-in-law. Can you guess which ones belong to the artists?

We made it to the theatre to see Wonder Woman, and it was a good movie. Not a terrific movie, but still fun to watch, and a good family-friendly film. The interplay between Diana and Steve, the pilot she saves and then follows into this epic adventure, was terrific. One of the funniest scenes was totally improvised, which speaks greatly to the talent of the two actors and the director, Patty Jenkins. I am a firm believer that improv hones acting skills so much, and as a director I have sometimes given players a free rein while rehearsing a scene. If it works in rehearsal, it can work before an audience. Patty Jenkins obviously shares my sentiment. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine work well together, and it would be neat to see them in another film.

That’s all for me for today, folks. I have lots of business to catch up with after taking four days off. Not that I mind taking those days off. It was so nice to have company and I miss them already.

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