Friday’s Odds and Ends

What is on your agenda for the weekend? I am expecting company, who will stay through Sunday morning, and we are thinking about going to see “Wonder Woman.” Have you seen it yet? Did you like it? I have heard it is very good. Wonder Woman was the only superhero that I liked as a teenager. I wanted to be Wonder Woman, minus the extremely pointed bra-thingy. It always looked so uncomfortable.

Before moving on to news, here is a fun meme. I had a horse once who liked beer, but never had a dog who liked it.


IN THE NEWS – Apparently things are heating up in the Middle East as Saudi Arabia and Quatar are rattling swords.For those like me who may not be familiar with this small Arab country, it borders Saudi Arabia on one side and the Persian Gulf on all others. According to information I found on Wikipedia, Qatar is a high income economy with the world’s third largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves, and it has the highest per capita income in the world. Qatar is classified by the UN as a country of very high human development and is the most advanced Arab state.

The problem between Quatar and its bordering neighbor is based on a longstanding issue of tensions and escalated when the Saudis accused Qatar of backing radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. Saudi Arabia and three of its biggest allies — Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain – then severed diplomatic ties. Libya, Yemen, and the Maldives have also joined the diplomatic boycott.

In the first thing he has done since taking office that I can support, our president has put forth a call for mediation, suggesting a White House meeting among Gulf officials to resolve the crisis.

First, and most importantly, the leaders agreed on the importance of implementing agreements reached in Riyadh to counter extremism and to combat the funding of terrorist groups,” a White House statement said on the talks between Trump and Al Nahyan.

“Additionally, the president emphasized the importance of maintaining a united Gulf Cooperation Council to promote regional stability, but never at the expense of eliminating funding for radical extremism or defeating terrorism.”

I do hope this crisis is resolved before we get pulled into another war. If we could ever get over the dependence on fossil fuels, all the oil and gas in the world would not matter so much. And that really is what fuels these conflicts – pun fully intended.

FRIDAY FUN –  This first joke came from Guy Check it out for lots more to tickle your funny bone.

Myra Rhodes, a little old lady living in Great Baddow, Essex, answered a knock on the door one Friday, to be confronted by a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner.

‘Good morning, Ma’am,’ said the young man. ‘If I could take a couple minutes of your time, I would like to demonstrate the very latest in high-powered vacuum cleaners.’

‘Go away!’ said Myra brusquely. ‘I’m broke and haven’t got any money,’ and she proceeded to close the door.

Quick as a flash, the young man wedged his foot in the door and pushed it wide open. ‘Don’t be too hasty,’ he commanded. ‘Not until you have at least seen my demonstration.’

And with that, he emptied a bucket of horse manure onto her hallway carpet.

‘Now, if this vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of this horse manure from your carpet, Madam, I will personally eat the remainder.’

Myra stepped back and said with a smile, ‘Then let me get you a spoon, young man because they cut off my electricity this morning.’

This next one comes from Joke of the

Every Friday after work, a mathematician goes down to the Ice Cream Parlor, sits in the second-to-last seat, turns to the last seat, which is empty, and asks a girl, who isn’t there, if he can buy her an ice cream cone.

The owner, who is used to the weird, local university types, always shrugs but keeps quiet. But when Valentine’s Day arrives, and the mathematician makes a particularly heart wrenching plea into empty space, curiosity gets the better of him, and he says, “I apologize for my stupid questions, but surely you know there is never a woman sitting in that last stool, man. Why do you persist in talking to empty space?”

The mathematician replies, “Well, according to quantum physics, empty space is never truly empty. Virtual particles come into existence and vanish all the time. You never know when the proper wave function will collapse and a girl might suddenly appear there.”

The owner raises his eyebrows. “Really? Interesting. But couldn’t you just ask one of the girls who comes here every Friday if you could buy HER a cone? You never know… she might say yes.”

The mathematician laughs. “Yeah, right. How likely is THAT to happen?”

That’s it for me folks. Have a great weekend.

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  1. My dog, Odo, liked beer. Although, later in life his tastes were refined to whiskey and chocolate liquers. Hehe

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