Happy May Day

Another whole week has raced by, and Slim Randles is back as today’s Wednesday’s guest. Before I turn you over to him, however, I have some lamenting to do. Don’t you just love that word? It has such a rich meaning.

But I digress.

My tale of woes includes an increase in pain from the Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, but the good news is that the new pain means the nerves are regenerating. Honest. The doctor said so. I do hope it does not take the nerves as long to come back to life as it did for them to die.

On another note, storms last weekend took out a lot of my electronics, including my router and modem and TV. Looking at the sick TV, I couldn’t help but think about the old John Prine song “Blow up Your TV.I first heard the song on a John Denver album and loved it. I even learned how to play the song on my guitar. Here are the opening lyrics:

Blow up your t.v. throw away your paper / Go to the country, build you a home / Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches / Try an find Jesus on your own

Okay, now I will let Slim take the stage, and to go along with his theme of May Day, here are some pretty early spring roses. If you have a nice vase, feel free to pick some.



As the recessional played, and Reverend Jeff opened the church doors before shaking hands with his parishioners, he was surprised to discover he wasn’t the first one there.

“Mornin’ Rev!”

“Uh, good morning … Alphonse.”

Yes, it was Alphonse “Windy” Wilson, his boots cleaned and a bulldogger Western tie on his pearl-snap shirt, grinning broadly.

He stood next to the minister as the parishioners came past, one by one and shook Jeff’s hand. Then they shook Windy’s hand … because there it was, outstretched and ready for a shake.

“Bless you,” Windy said. “And a happy May Day!”

“Thank you, Windy,” said Mavis.

“And  … you know why they call it May Day …?

But Mavis was already gone and Windy was already through three more handshakes. These folks were in a hurry.

 “Yo Doc … you know why they call it May Day?”

But Doc and Mrs. Doc were already halfway to their car.

“I don’t know about you, Rev,” he whispered, “but these folks are sure in a hurry. Fills me with a consternation at their respirational souls.”

Reverend Jeff just nodded and kept shaking hands. Then they were gone, and it was just Jeff and Windy at the top of the steps.

“They sure move on out, don’t they? Beats me how you can corral ‘em long enough to sermonize ‘em.”

“That’s easy, Windy,” Jeff said. “I shut the door.”

“Have to try that … one of these days.”

“So tell me,” said the smiling minister, “why do they call it May Day?”

“Ah shoot! They got me so flustercated I plumb forgot.”


The Home Country radio show can now be heard on WTYS in Panama City, Florida. Give a listen next time you’re through there.

Slim Randles is the author of Home Country, the book that evolved from his popular weekly column of the same name. If you enjoy his offering here, you will like his book.



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