Spring is Busting Out All Over

I’m better but still a long way from well, so I am happy to have friends like Slim Randles who are willing to share his musings with us here. Please help me welcome him as today’s Wednesday’s Guest. Since spring is busting out all over, I thought this was a good post for today. Enjoy….

Some of my early spring flowers.

It happened just the other day for the first time since … Halloween? Yeah, around then.

Sun. Yes, the sun came out and put the tiniest tickle of warmth right there on the back of the neck, and that flipped the switch into springtime and left us dreaming of tire swings on Lewis Creek, casting stonefly nymphs to tempt a rainbow trout,  planting things that will one day give shade to us and others. We even look forward to mowing the lawn! Well, the first mowing, anyway.

After that, it becomes a chore.

Spring! A time for renewal, for plans, for work. A time to paint the kitchen, paint a painting, paint the dog, take a gardening class, tie fishing flies, read a book.  Hey … write a book! Dig up weeds, go to a baseball game, have a baby. Fall in love. Not necessarily in that order.

This spring, I’ll sit out back in the sun with my guitar and that little chord wheel the grandkids gave me for Christmas. And I’ll learn two new chords. Hey, I’ll learn two new chords every week!

By summer, Carnegie Hall!

(If I have enough money for a ticket, of course)

Recipes. New ones. A trip to someplace exotic where I’ve never been. North Dakota? Sure. Why not?

And this spring I’ll diligently sit down and plan how to load cartridges for the deer rifle that will dot the i on the word “idyllic” at 200 yards, even if diligence is one of my least favorite words.

Well, at least I can wash the pickup.

If it doesn’t look like rain ….


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