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Julie Ryan is here as today’s Wednesday’s Guest. She writes the Greek Island Mystery Series that debuted with Jenna’s Journey. She is sharing a bit about a typical day in her life that may eventually put some words on paper, or not. Join us in a glass of bubbly and enjoy as we celebrate her new book, Jenna’s Journey. 


A day in the life of a writer – or why nothing gets done!

Julie RyanWhen I was asked to write a guest post, I wondered what would interest readers and I thought a sneak peek into a writer’s life might fit the bill. In my case it’s certainly not the glamour-filled red carpet routine that some might imagine.

I don’t write full time but I am lucky in that my husband does a hard, physical job so that I can stay at home and work part time and write.

I probably don’t tell him often enough how much I appreciate that.

In the mornings I run out local village post office and the rest of the time I’m a distance language tutor teaching English to French companies over the phone.

Like in many households, mornings are busy as I get my eight-year old son ready for school. He catches the school bus, which leaves from virtually outside our front door, yet it doesn’t matter how early we get up, I still seem to be nagging him to hurry up and put on his shoes. In the summer I might stay outside and chat with some of the other mums, but it’s freezing cold today so I hurry back to make myself a cup of coffee. I treasure this little oasis of calm, a few minutes just for me. I decide to be healthy and go for the muesli when a croissant calls me name.

Well, it would be a shame to waste it I tell myself. I’ll have the muesli tomorrow.

I savour my breakfast as I look at the clock. Thirty minutes before I need to open up the post office, so time for some housework.

I quickly wash the breakfast pots, load the washing machine and feel pleased when I even mop the kitchen floor. I decide to make a beef casserole in the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner and brown some meat and prep some vegetables. Just time to throw it all in the pot and feed my two cats before it’s time to put on my post office cap (metaphorically speaking).

Julie's cat
This is Smudge. Julies other cat is Gizmo.

I enjoy meeting customers at the post office during the morning. It’s a small village so I know most people. They can unwittingly be a source of inspiration too for a story as they recount some anecdotes. In the afternoon I decide to make the most of my free time by catching up on some blog posts. Once they’re done I might be able to focus on plotting my next novel.

I start on a guest post about some of my favourite books. I’ve written quite a bit when I go back and check what else the host needs  – Photos of the said books! Unfortunately, most of my books are still in boxes in the cellar as we are in a constant state of DIY. I troop off to find the books. It takes me a while as I come across some much-loved friends – I also get side–tracked by some old photo albums and put those to one side as they might come in useful later.

I go into the kitchen to make myself a coffee and find the cats have traipsed dirt all over my clean floor so it’s out with the mop again. While I’m there I empty the washing machine and find all the lovely whites are now rose pink thanks to a stray red sock. I look at the time and decide to dash to the supermarket for some colour remover. Once there I see the price of new undies is not much more than the colour remover. Life’s too short so I pick up two packs as a treat for my husband and throw some steaks and tomatoes into the trolley for tomorrow’s dinner.

I pick my son up off the school bus just in time. As he goes to get some milk and a biscuit he notices that the slow cooker isn’t switched on.  Never mind, we can have that tomorrow. I cook the steak and chips instead, throw my husband’s old pants in the bin and reflect that even if my life isn’t glamourous, I really wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks for a fun post, Julie. I think most writers can attest to the fact that we are easily distracted. Curiosity is both a gift and a curse. It helps us delve into stories, but it also pulls us to old boxes of forgotten treasures. 

Readers, if you would like to know more about Julie and her other books, check out the various links:

6 thoughts on “This is My Life – Julie Ryan”

  1. This was fun to read and I can certainly identify with her when it comes to old forgotten boxes. It’s Christmas all over again as curiosity wins and once more, I am distracted.

    1. Loving old boxes of treasures is a universal trait among women. It would be interesting to know how many men enjoy digging through old memories like that.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jan.

  2. It appears we writers all suffer from the same tendencies. I’ve decided there’s no way I can write until I finally get my house cleaned up. I’m almost done with that cleaning, so I wonder what distraction will pop up next.

    1. Had to chuckle at your comment, Patricia. Cleaning is the last thing that will distract me. But going outside to check on my animals, going online to check on my friends, playing a bit with the cats – all those are easy distractions.

      I’m just glad I had all those years as a journalist with short deadlines to help me with discipline. Sometimes it works. 🙂

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