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Before getting down to the usual Wednesday business, I do want to acknowledge Veterans Day, a holiday we celebrate here in the States every November. It is a time for pausing to thank those who have served in the military, so I salute the veterans in my family. Thank you for your service.


And now, please help me welcome today’s Wednesday’s Guest, Helen Rose, the author of The Upside of Iris that I reviewed last Sunday. She is busy working on another book, but she took a little time to answer a few interview questions. In her bio it is written that she enjoys a cup of tea, so why don’t we all have one as we get to meet her. We can have a cookie, too.


Hi, Helen- Waving frantically to make it across the pond. So glad you could be my guest today. First give the readers a short intro to who you are and what you write.
My name is Helen Rose and I write short stories and modern-day fairy tales—that is, when I’m not knitting or spending time in my garden!

You picked an unusual format for such a long book. Can you tell us how you decided to tell the story this way?
The Upside of Iris was initially intended to be both a film and a book. When we couldn’t secure the financing for the film, we decided to proceed with publishing the book. We felt the story worked on both the screen and the page and we still hope to pursue a film version of Iris in the future.

Where did the story idea come from?
Iris was inspired by the notion of perspective. I think we all sometimes feel as if we see the world a bit differently than everyone else and I thought, “what if there was someone who literally saw the world differently?” and hence, The Upside of Iris was born.

What nugget of wisdom do you hope people will take away from your book?
Embrace your own unique perspective and attempt to share it with the world.

How did you come to write in the genre you chose?
Magical realism has always been my favorite genre—for both films and books. I love a story that takes place a few steps outside of reality. And that’s where my writing takes place; in invented worlds with their own sets of rules.

What are your favorite movies?
Amelie is perhaps my favorite movie of all time! It mixes every element of story that I adore: love, magic and a dash of melancholy that captures the heart.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Right now? Paris. It’s a beautiful city that is filled with inspiration at every turn.

BIO: Helen Rose loves gardening, books, and a quiet cup of tea. She has been an unintentional matchmaker for the lovelorn, finding romantic pairings in the most unusual of places. She spends a fair bit of time daydreaming, knitting, and enjoying the company of her cats–who she often does the knitting for.

Helen lives in a little village outside of London, England, but secretly wishes she lived in Paris.

BOOK BLURB: The Upside of Iris is an illustrated love story for all ages, and for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood. It is a whimsical, touching reminder that perspective is truly everything, and that a change in perspective can make all the difference in the world.


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2 thoughts on “Interview With Helen Rose”

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me for your lovely site! I’ll be browsing through and reading reviews and interviews now for the remainder of the day…

    1. You are so welcome, Helen. I hope you will read my Monday blog about the special gift. That is one that is particularly close to my heart.

      I enjoyed your book so much and am happy to help you promote it.

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