Excerpt From Evelyn Evolving

It was a very busy weekend for me, this third week of our Autumn Trails Festival in Winnsboro. It was Trail Ride weekend, so Friday afternoon I rode in a wagon in the Welcome parade. Here are some of the local rodeo riders leading out the parade.

blaine leading out the parade
Photo Courtesy of Michael Alford

I rode with the Man of the Year, Wilburn Hettich, and we had a lot of fun celebrating together. I love the awesome signs my daughters made, and we use those instead of the ones we can get from the Chamber of Commerce.

Wilburn and MaryannTrail Ride Parade
Photo Courtesy of Michael Alford

Friday evening there was a concert by a local band, Rhythm n Roses. They were so good, and I look forward to hearing them again.

Saturday night was the barn dance, with music by the awesome Darrin Morris Band. I had not been to one in ages, and it was neat to get my boots on and go dance. I met a neat couple from France, Laurant and Virginia, who are here working on a local organic ranch that raises miniature cattle, Falster Farms. We had such fun learning the two-step.

So, with little time to put together my usual Monday offering, I thought I’d post another excerpt from my WIP, Evelyn Evolving. I think I’m down to about the last quarter of the story. I hope.

This excerpt follows the last one I posted back in March. Enjoy…

Evelyn finished the mopping just in time to go to chapel for evening prayer. She knelt on the hard wooden kneeler for an hour, shivering in the cold and hugging her freezing hands to her chest. Sister Marie led the prayers, all done in Latin, and the children murmured responses, their voices blending together into a sort of chant. Most times, Evelyn found the prayer time soothing, but tonight she felt nothing but chilled to the bone, and she couldn’t wait to go to the sleeping ward and crawl into bed with Viola.

The normal rule was only one child per cot, but because of the extreme cold, the sisters allowed the children to double up. The children could also get into bed with their clothes on, so Evelyn didn’t take off her sweater or her shoes.

“You better not kick me,” Viola said as they snuggled under the quilt.

“I won’t. I’ll be still.”

Once everyone was settled, Sister Honora turned off the lights. This was the best part of any day for Evelyn as darkness enveloped the room. She listened to the soft murmurs of children whispering to each other, the murmurs slowly sliding off into the deep breathing of sleep. She scooted closer to Viola’s back, seeking all the warmth she could get. “Are you asleep?”


“I want to ask you something.”

“I said to hush.”

“It’s important.”

Viola rolled over and faced her sister. “What?”

“Why is there no more coal or food?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t they tell you in school?”

“A few weeks ago, sister said something about banks closing and people losing money.”

“What does that mean?”

Viola sighed. “I don’t know for sure. But sister said people who used to help us couldn’t any more. It has something to do with a depression.”

“What depression?”

“I don’t know. Sister didn’t say anymore.”

“Will the people get the money back?”

“Oh, brother. When are you ever going to stop asking me all these questions? You’re not a baby anymore.”

Evelyn bit her lip to hold back the tears. Viola still hated the questions and the tears. She said they both made you weak. But Evelyn couldn’t help it. She felt weak. Useless.
She closed her eyes and tried to drift off to sleep, and then she thought of something. What if she could get some money for the orphanage? Viola had told her that the silver spoon was worth money.

Maybe Evelyn could give the spoon to Sister Honora to sell. Then there would be more coal and more food. And maybe the Sister would smile at her and tell her she was a good girl.

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