Friday’s Odds and Ends – Pretty Presents and More

One of my publishers, Untreed Reads,  just let me know that all the books at the online bookstore, Kobo, will be 50% off through December 31st, so readers can load books into their new electronic reading devices at a huge savings. The code can be used over and over through the end of this month. How cool is that. I may have to go check out some books for myself. Some of my favorite authors have some books there, so this is a great time to pick up some new ones.

If you are interested, here is the code to use – 50DEC – and here is the link to the Kobo site. I am pleased to have several of my titles available at Kobo: One Small Victory and Play it Again, Sam,  and the short stories: Making it Home, SAHM, I Am, The Visitor, and The Last Dollar. With the discount the short stories are under a dollar, and the two novels are well below $5.
Christmas was bittersweet this year, considering the big empty spot in our family, but we did manage to do some of the normal Miller traditions: Christmas Eve lasagna and White Elephant gift exchange, then dinner on Christmas Day followed by a movie.
In addition to the fun gift exchange, we do exchange other gifts, and my main gift from my kids was this beautiful stained glass artwork. I actually got it back in October, as my youngest daughter, Dany, saw it at an art fair where I was offering my books. She went around visiting all the other artists there – yes, writers are artists – and she saw this piece. She contacted her siblings to see if they wanted to chip in, and the vote was unanimous. 

This was taken with the picture leaning against the window where it will eventually hang.
This picture was taken with the glass leaning against the drawers in my desk. I thought the changes to the colors was interesting.
I also got another lovely piece of glass art from my oldest grandchildren. Owls and horses adorn many of my walls and shelves. Not literally, of course, but you know what I mean. (smile) I’ve heard that owls are a sign of good luck in many Asian cultures. I think horses are just a source of joy. 
This is a serving tray that I may just leave on my table for a while so I can enjoy it.
Finally, let’s end on a fun note with a joke from Pearls Before Swine: 

Pig is sitting behind a desk and he says, “Hey, Rat. What you doing here?”
Rat replies, “Goat said you got an office job. I told him I had to see it for myself.”
Pig says, “It’s true. I go to meetings, read reports, write memos.”
Rat says, “What? You don’t know how to do any of that stuff.”
Pig says, “No but I can learn.”
Rat says. “Learn? These corporate types will eat you alive. What are you going to do the first time some boss comes in here to chew your head off about some stupid memo?”
“I’ve got a Time-to-Duck hole.”
Rat says, “You’re gonna duck?”
The Guard Duck pops up out of a hole on the desk, aiming a missile and says, “We’re gonna tell him to write his own blankety-blank memo.”
Pig says, “Everyone needs a Time-to-Duck hole,” and from inside the hole the Guard Duck says, “Can someone bring me a doughnut?”

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  1. Such lovely gifts, so glad your Christmas was family filled. The color change was amazing. Having it in the window will make it more so as the light changes.

    Merry Christmas, Maryann, and wishing you a wonderful New Year!

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