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This is the first week of the Summer Drama Camp at the Winnsboro Center for the arts, and since I am in charge of theatre events there, that means I will be there every day for the next two weeks. That won’t leave much time for blogging, so I will schedule a few posts in advance, but otherwise I’ll be taking a blogging break.
Before I go, however, I have to rant just a bit at Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboy Franchise for how they have responded to Josh Brent, who is charged with killing a teammate, Jerry Brown Jr. Brent, who is now in jail after failing two drug tests, is still on the Cowboy roster and still receiving his salary. How many ways is that wrong? 
Too many.
On the other side of the news coin is something good for fighting cancer. Since the introduction of the vaccine for human papillomavirus, there has been a 50% drop in infection rates among girls and young women in the U.S. The virus is a major contributor to the incidence of cervical cancer, so this is good news indeed.
The vaccine has been made available to women and young girls in Africa, thanks to the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon initiative sponsored by a collaboration among the Susan G. Komen foundation, the George W. Bush Institute, the U.N. Programme on HIV/AIDS and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief. The initiative has provided life-saving treatment for more that 5 million women in developing countries.
How many ways is that right?
Now I will leave you with a joke.

Little girl:  “Why does your son say, ‘Cluck, cluck, cluck?'”
Mother:    “Because he thinks he’s a chicken.”
Little girl:  “Why don’t you tell him he’s not a chicken?”
Mother:    “Because we need the eggs.”

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