Friday’s Odds and Ends

Here’s some recent news regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline. Twenty-eight Vermont towns added their voices this week to the chorus of national and international; opposition to tar sands expansion by passing “tar sands free” and related tar sands resolutions in the past two days. This recent batch of local resolutions brings the total number to 33 in the region, and 49 when including resolutions in Québec. The U.S. resolutions state concerns about the environmental and public health hazards of tar sands or explicitly oppose sending tar sands through ExxonMobil’s Portland-Montreal Pipeline.

Tar sands oil is a particularly dirty form of oil that utilizes a carbon-intensive process to transform the tar into usable oil. The State Department just reported that the tar sands in Keystone XL will release up to 19 percent more greenhouse gases than conventional oil. Tar sands spills are particularly risky and difficult to clean-up given the oil’s unique properties that cause the oil to sink in water.

If you are interested in adding your voice to the opposition, you can sign a pledge with CREDO Action. The oil companies have their voices in Washington, we have to add ours. 

Protect the Earth

Now just for fun, some comics:

This one is from B. C. – one of Wiley’s proverbs – “Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll drink beer and pass out with a pole in his hand.”

Another from Pearls Before Swine last Sunday. Pig is complaining to goat about his sister who is always borrowing something every time she comes over.  Goat tells pig to just tell her how he feels, and pig says he has tried but she doesn’t listen.

So goat tells pig to draw it out for her. “Say, look sis, we’re like planets, ech moving in our own ellipse, but sometimes outr orbits intersect and during that time you always want things.”

Goat draws the intersecting planets and then Pig’s sister walks in, asking to borrow a tack. Pig says no, and the sister pushes until Pig says, “Read my ellipse, no new tacks, sis.”

In the last panel, goat goes to Stephen Pastis and says, “You ruin my entire Sunday.”

This has been an exciting week, celebrating Read An E-Book Week. I have run two specials and am so happy that people were able to get my stories free for a few days. My historical mystery,  Boxes For Beds will still be free through Saturday, so grab a copy if you have not already. And if you are so inclined, leave a review on Amazon. That is always so helpful to other readers who may be considering the book for purchase later.

Pardon me while I experiment with embedding a Tweet. I am trying to learn how to embed videos and other things.

Boxes For Beds now #3 in mystery/historical for #Kindle. Thanks to all who got a copy.
— Maryann Miller (@maryannwrites) March 8, 2013

 Hey! It worked. What do you know. (smile)

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  1. I agree, LD. Pastis has a mind that works much different from most folks. LOL

    Thanks again, Holly. Now I will practice embedding video. Well, not now. I’m going to town to work at the theatre and get our costume area cleaned out. But maybe tomorrow.

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