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Today I want to introduce a character from my latest book.  In Boxes For Beds, Deputy Gus Shumaker works with Sheriff Bates in a small town in rural Arkansas in 1960. He has been clamoring for a chance to speak, so I thought I would let a character from my latest book have the spotlight here as Wednesday’s Guest.

Maryann: So, Gus, what is on your mind that you woke me up at 3 this morning wanted to talk?

Gus: Some things need to be cleared up about how I work before too many people read the book and get the wrong idea.

Maryann: Why would that happen?

Gus: Because folks don’t know how it was back then with the mob all over Hot Springs. And people in power liked to stay in power.

Maryann: What do you mean?

Gus: Bates, for instance. He really likes that he is a law unto himself. He can do any dang thing he wants. And I don’t want folks to think that I supported that. If you hadn’t kept pulling me back I would have explained more about that.

Maryann: So that’s it? You’re mad because I didn’t let you take over the whole story? 

Gus: Well, yeah. Sort of.

Maryann: Gus, Gus, Gus. I really hated to have to put you in your place. Honest. You are a great character, and I probably could have written a whole book with you as a central character. But this is Leslie’s story.

Gus: Does that mean I might get my own story?

Maryann: I don’t know. I have a lot of other stories… wait… don’t pout. That doesn’t become you. Maybe I can write something in the future. Would you like to be in on cleaning up Hot Springs? 

Gus: Yes, Ma’am. I’d like nothing better. Chase all those gangsters back to Chicago where they belong.

Maryann: Um, Gus, as a law enforcement officer, wouldn’t you want to see them all in jail, not in Chicago?

Gus: Our jail’s too small. Let the officers in Chicago lock them up.

Maryann: Okaaayyy. So, is there anything else you would like to say while you are here? Last chance.

Gus: Let me think a minute. Oh, yeah, I hope people like the book, and me. I did try my best to do the right thing. It’s hard to stand up to people like Bates, and I know I should have tried harder at times. And I guess I should say I’m sorry for waking you up so early.

Maryann: Apology accepted. But please, the next time you want to talk, there are lots of daylight hours you know.

Gus: Well, back here in your creative subconscious, we don’t know night from day.

Maryann: True. I’d forgotten about that. Now are you ready to go back there and let me get on with my next story. The sooner I finish that one, the sooner I might be able to get back to one about you.

Gus:  Leaving now. Don’t let me hold you up.

Boxes For Beds was just released last week, and will be a free read for the next three days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for Kindle. Please hop over and grab a copy, and if you do, I would love for you to leave a short review when you finish reading.

10 thoughts on “A Fictional Guest”

  1. Morgan, I’m sure you have had to corral a character or two, as well. Seems to happen with strong characters.

    Shaunda,I hope you enjoy the read. This book is different from my other mysteries, and I actually started this story long before the Season’s Series. Last summer I thought why not dust off the manuscript and see if the story still worked. To my surprise a whole lot of it did.

  2. Hey Gus, I downloaded Maryann Miller’s book and look forward to reading it. But darn it, I hope you and the sheriff don’t do everything she wants you to do.

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