Friday’s Odds and Ends

This will be a short post, as I woke up not feeling well this morning. It is a cold, nasty day here in my part of the world, so I see hot tea and an afghan in my near future. Maybe not in a cup as pretty as that one. I’m more of a mug person. You can hold a mug close to you and keep warm with it.

Here is something to amuse from Mother Goose and Grimm:

Grimm is reading from a book, and Mother Goose is working with her computer. Grimm says, “See? Right here in this dog book, ‘Dogs are owners’ best friends.’ We’re loyal, faithful, devoted. The bond between dogs and owners can never be broken.”

In the final panel, Grimm shouts, “So why did you unfriend me on Facebook?”

Literary Lesson from Shelter by Harlan Coben  “Evil exists. You can’t have an up without a down, a right without a left – or good without evil.”
So true.

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