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I decided not to get all snarky today, although there is plenty going on in the world to be snarky about. Who besides me doesn’t care a bit whether Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem during the Inaguration ceremony? I could not believe that was the lead story for the following two days.

So let’s forget about that, and not keep speculating whether she will lip-sync when singing at the Super Bowl halftime show. Instead, let’s have…

…some fun with Pickles
Earl is sitting, watching Opal fold laundry and he says, “You know what I would really like to do?”

“No, what?”

“I would love to write a book about all my travels and adventures.”



Then Earl thinks a minute. “Of course, first I’d have to go out and have some travels and adventures.”

Picture Courtesy of ShutterStock

 From B.C.

Wiley’s DIctionary word of the day is “fandango.”

The definition: “What to do when Dango gets heatstroke.”

From Non Sequitur
Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden. Adam has picked all the apples from the apple tree, and Eve is giving him one of those looks that women have perfected from that time on. Adam says, “Yes, I took all of them. It’s my invention called ‘banking.'”

That one had me laughing out loud. I didn’t say I couldn’t share some snark from the funny papers. (smile)

Literary Lessons:
“Death walked like a man among men, and we fell like leaves, like dust around him. The Knight struggled against the Specyor, each one winning even as he lost.”  Easy Rawlins, a character cereated by Walter Mosley, doing some deep thinking while watching a movie “The Seventh Seal.” From the book Blonde Faith

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